Psychic Uri Geller explains the bending iPhones


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Far more plausible.

Far more.


But what explains Uri Geller?


A moneygrabbing con.

That’s the best I can do offhand.


–so you know I’m super up on this shit.


He found a way to make money being an entertainer, people take him too seriously. I suspect Glenn Beck for doing the same and I once heard a clip where Rush Linbaugh openly admits to his shtick being mostly an act even if he has probably drunk his own Republican world view maker vs taker “I made this all myself without any assistance” kool-aid.

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Why is Boing Boing calling this man a psychic?


Along with the obligatory, “you’re holding it wrong,” statement, I was half expecting Apple to announce, “Do not try and unbend the iPhone. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth. There is no iPhone. Then you’ll see, that it is not the iPhone that bends, it is only yourself.”


Except he sues (and loses) when people (like James Randi) suggest he’s a magician/illusionist.

Geller is a worthless charlatan who should be denied the oxygen of publicity.




I was going to say it’s impressive that he has still managed to find a way to stay relevant in this current age, but that’s the wrong way of thinking about it.

Rather, it is sad that in this current age, people have somehow still decided that he is in some way relevant. I guess various someones thought this might be funny and worth a clickthrough? Apparently it still possible to trade on 70’s nostalgia?

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Dude. Don’t you understand? He bends spoons with his mind. Spoons!

Like there would be any other way to bend spoons. Try doing it with your hands, sir!

I think I’ve found the mystical source of mind power which Geller tapped to make this statement.

But come to think of it, this isn’t the first time Apple has been associated with amazing mental powers.

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He should bend some, that would be a cool commercial.
Why are people still on about this? Only like 9 people have filed complaints, Apple says just to bring the bent one back and get a replacement… and a slap to the side of their head from being a complete twit that keeps their phone in their friggin’ back pocket.
Also, has anyone noticed that with all these bent phones, no one has said their screen cracks? It this true? Because that’s a pretty good screen. I’m sure other phones have been bent, but the screens cracked so that was the most notable damage.

Look at this banana-shaped iPhone 6! Just look at it!


Maybe because “psychic” is a specific subgroup of “con man”?


Seems like there is a hint of a threat here… “Real nice phones ya got there. Would be a shame if someone bent them with the power of their mind.”

Why is BoingBoing repeating a hoax?

Because Uri Geller is unintentionally hilarious.


Sounds like a fun prompt for a short story. Excitement for newly released consumer good awakens latent psychic abilities in the general populace.