Man gave $718,000 to psychics, now struggles to pay $500 rent


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The wonder, as always, is how we wound up with such a dysfunctional economic system that someone who goes to psychics ever got that much money in the first place, while perfectly sane, decent people struggle to pay $500 rent their whole lives.


A New York search engine optimization consultant gave two psychics more than $718,000.

You spelled “con artists” wrong.


A New York con artist gave two psychics more than $718,000.

Fixed it for you.


A New \York con artist gave two con artists more than $718,000 does have a certain ring to it.


Two con artists con con artist out of $718,000


How much coin can con artists con when con artists con con artists?

$718,000 that’s how much.


Can con artists con more coin from con artists than from non-con artists?


well they say you can’t con an honest man.



Well, that isn’t very nice.

  1. Pretty much any one can be fooled some of the time.

  2. Sane people can have moments of weakness or idiosyncrasies that lead them to be taken advantage of.

  3. If you aren’t rich, don’t worry, you can have the same experience playing the lottery.


If you make fun of alcoholics, please make fun of people with diabetes or perhaps Stephen fry and bipolar.

Mark, I am not singling you out. This is simply a broad observation of something I feel is a problem.


aw man I hate those things, I spent 20 minutes trying to push the 100 where it says insert $100 until I realized the idiots who designed it wanted the money placed in the slot below. Simple UI/UX understanding tells you to have an arrow pointing down! I was so pissed off I refused to use that badly designed piece of crap any more.


Elsewhere in New York, Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.


I have a hard time finding sympathy for anyone who would be so monumentally dumb. I do feel bad for his family though.

ETA: Okay, yeah, I feel a tiny bit bad for him. He’s still a human being. But jeez!


Rubbish psychics. Good psychics warn you that you’re going to end up struggling to pay $500 rent.

Basic failure of professional evaluation. Poor chap.


Dumb or not, it’s victim blaming… skimming the article the guy was heartbroken and bought into their lies. People can be very convincing especially when they have the secret to curing your pain or fears.

It’s how Darth Vader turned to the Dark Side.


Yeah, maybe a little. Sorry.



I feel bad for this guy… such a shame there are people like this out there that give the rest of us a bad name. Call it what you will in this case he was conned into nothing short of giving up his money. I am a psychic medium and I find this deplorable. I will not even see the same client more then twice in a year. I sit with people offer my insight and guidance but they leave knowing they have to want to fix, change or make things happen for themselves. Much like a Psychoanalyst. My job is too offer up my perceptions on the energy surrounding someone and help them understand they are in control of their destiny and need to act as such. I have a hard time with the idea of a client coming back over and over again and readers giving people false hope and stringing them along. Just not right.