Man gave $718,000 to psychics, now struggles to pay $500 rent


On the other hand, consider the job he was working to make all this money. Hard to feel pity for the bank robber robbed on his way out of the bank, really.


Welcome to BoingBoing. It’s nice to know there are ethical psychics out there. I assume you offer a money-back guarantee?

My own, admittedly limited, psychic abilities tell me you will not attract many new clients here.


Really? What are you going to spend your million dollars on?



Surely they’d know beforehand which customers would ask for them?


Read into it much?

Regardless, addiction does not equal abdication of all personal responsibility for ones actions.


The documentary on him was a lot more interesting than I expected it to be.


Not any more than cancer is an abdication of ones organs. They are both diseases.


I don’t advertize for clients. Strictly word of mouth in my case. Friends of friends etc. I am not in it for the money nor do i do it for a living. I have a degree in battlefield archaeology. Being a psychic is something i was born with. I do not need use tarot cards or other methods to give a reading. As for money back guarantee don’t need to offer one. If my client is not happy then i take no payment. I also don’t read futures but work in the present. If you can’t deal with your present no point in knowing your future. Free will and all that…


Yes, it was.


Pssh. I read that as physics not psychics and was disappointed, to top it off @Sjeka_Groves didn’t even bother to warn me of the danger


The psychics are so exciting nobody noticed:

Last week, Mr. Rice… acknowledged that he had been drinking again, including the day of the interview.

I don’t suppose it’s possible the psychics weren’t the real problem?


I agree that addicts need all sorts of assistance, but that comparison seriously undermines any further discussion. Addiction is not like cancer, addiction is not like schizophrenia, addiction is addiction. Some addicts are more in its thrall than others, but all have at least a small part to play in the decision to fall further into it or resist it. To compare it to something like cancer where one has no choice in the matter is disingenuous at best.


THAT’S your takeaway? That he “obviously” didn’t deserve that money in the first place? That him having money is somehow a commentary on our economic system?

You really need a new takeaway.

Here, I’ll help you out. Here are some better, shinier takeaways: It’s a commentary on our educational system. It’s a commentary on the lack of skepticism and critical reasoning in a society where religion and climate change denial are promoted. It’s a commentary on the human condition (referring both to the parasites doing the conning, and their hosts who are so very susceptible). It’s a commentary on the lack of empathy (or even understanding of this dynamic) by many of the people in this thread.


I violently disagree with that stance. No snark, no sarcasm, no hyperbole.

Additiction is NOT a choice. Any more than depression is.


I didn’t say addiction was a choice, but to get out of it requires an active choice and participation by the addict. It’s still not cancer.

Edit: Also to get into it in the first place, but I’ll try not to split hairs.


And revise their reading accordingly? That would work.

[quote=“Sjeka_Groves, post:20, topic:74443”]
My job is too to [no charge ]… help them understand they are in control of their destiny and need to act as such.[/quote]

To think I could have been charging for this advice all these years. I would have been quite confident offering a guarantee. Hindsight, eh?


nope. nope, nope, nope, nope. if you want to have an honest conversation about addiction i’m game. but that comment is the equivalent for addicts of, “shouldn’t wear that dress”. i am sure you are a fine human being and this is not personal, but nope.


In fairness, he’s not the psychic.


Years of experience and intuition is what makes one good at what they do. Doesn’t matter what job you are in. Understanding people is a big part of this kind of work. Part intuition part psychology.