Michael Moore thoughts on Bernie / Warren "feud"

If you follow politics, just before recent primary Dem debate, Elizabeth Warren accused Bernie Sanders of saying “A woman can’t win presidential elections”. Full disclosure: I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, and I don’t believe he said anything like that. Mainly because his record on supporting women, and even encouraging Elizabeth Warren to run in 2015. Another thing is why would Elizabeth Warren stay quiet for over a year, why didn’t she discuss it with him right there and then? Anyway, everyone has own candidate preferences.
Here is what Michael Moore thinks about it:

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Some summary maybe? Some sense of what he thinks about it?


If you follow politics closely you know that isn’t strictly true. Warren privately shared an account of her conversation with Bernie with members of her campaign shortly after that meeting took place in 2018. That account just didn’t become public knowledge until shortly before the debate.

Nothing about that strikes me as particularly suspicious. By her account, she had a disagreement with Bernie about a woman’s relative chances of defeating Trump in the 2020 election. She never showed any sign of wanting to make a big public spectacle about it, but she confirmed what she’d said at the time when asked about it directly. No evidence has yet emerged to suggest she isn’t giving her honest recollection of the conversation.


One point of order: when it comes to questions of sexism and misogyny, you might want to avoid that particular challenge. The phenomenon that women who are on the receiving end of it don’t usually speak up about it right away is well established. Citing it against a woman is Not Cool™.


Yup. To reiterate:

Yup, to reiterate:

(“You” in the above is not aimed at @DukeTrout).

If people want women to respect their opinions, they can stop hitting us with that bullshit “why didn’t you say something at the time” fallacy. The list of reasons as to why that happens (including the fact that a good portion of the time, something was said and ignored) is too long for me to replicate right here and now.

Not to mention that this is hardly the first time anti-Warren folks have shown their elastic reach in a need to call her a liar. Maybe it’d be easier to believe without all those other shouts of “Wolf!” we keep hearing.


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