Count the "Easter Eggs" in the background of Elizabeth Warren's DNC speech last night

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I was going to post something cynical about this, but I realized that I should just enjoy it since this is the closest to a concrete pro-BLM action we can expect under a Biden administration.

Incremental change you can believe in!


I will forever be sad we didn’t wind up with President Warren. She was my number 1 from the day she threw her hat in the ring. But she’ll keep doing great work in the senate, and that is just as important right now.


I expect you will be pleasantly surprised.


After decades of alternating between unpleasantly surprised and unpleasantly unsurprised, that would be a welcome surprise.


That’s my woman!


Me too, but Senate Majority Leader is also a very powerful and influential position. Let’s make it happen!


That’s great. After doing everything in her power to knife our chances of medicare for all and help nominate a former segregationist who’s staunchly opposed to it, its wonderful that she’s doing token support for a movement in which she is largely irrelevant.

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I hope to god that you are right.

Subliminal messaging from the deep state? Has Qanon picked up on this or are they still on about pizzagate.

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Not disagreeing, but I’ve never heard of that, citation please?

This, running with an explosive accusation that is impossible to actually prove one way or the other because it was between two people in private, then doubled down on it when she refused to even shake his hand at the debates. The two of them were the only ones who had any interest in universal healthcare, and she was already behind in the polls.

How does her having a tiff with Bernie about electability equate to “knife our chances of medicare for all”? :dizzy_face:


It makes sense, if you assume that only Bernie’s M4A is acceptable, that only he can deliver it, and that Warren is a lying backstabber out to ruin things for the Real True Socialist Left, instead of voicing her genuine concerns about sexism.

It’s Bro-cialist nonsense, in other words.


Plus it hugely increased Bernie’s polling numbers, though even with that his numbers weren’t good enough to win.

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I was super impressed with her since the day I first saw her on John Stewart talking about banking reform many, many years ago.


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