Warren endorses Biden

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Excellent–this means that Biden’s campaign has made whatever deals with Warren that she was holding out for.

(I mean that as nothing but a good thing, to be clear: political horse-trading for endorsements is how shit gets done at this stage of the game and when its good people like Sanders & Warren getting important things that they want, that’s a good thing for the rest of us)


I like how her endorsement doesn’t say anything about Biden’s policies, it’s pretty much just “Well at least he ain’t Trump so that will have to do.”


I think someone’s bucking for a VP position.


A deal could easily be for herself and not necessarily for any of her stated policies. Biden’s platform hasn’t moved a millimeter. If she gets the VP, then consider the loss of a Senate seat as well.


As a ton of other folks have pointed out, that might not be the best idea for several reasons, not least of which because it runs a substantial risk of losing her Senate seat to the GOP, and she can do some incredibly important stuff from inside the Senate, especially when it comes to the CFPB.


Just get Donnie two scoops out of the White House, a coward the same shade as fake American cheese killing people with his stupidity does not belong there!


Does that sound like Warren to you? I would expect exactly the opposite from her.


Or it just means that she legitimately believes that endorsing Biden is the most sensible remaining option for 2020 even if it’s not the outcome she was originally hoping for.


Massachusetts. Usually a DEM senate seat is safe in Massachusetts. Scott Brown couldn’t hold onto that seat for more than one term. I’m not sure who the GOP would put up, but DEM Mike Capuano recently lost his House seat to someone even more to the left (the GOP didn’t even offer a challenger), so he’s available and still respected locally.

{ETA: that Senate seat was previously both JFK’s and Teddy’s seat. Brown was the first Republican since before JFK.]


It would be a sad day if Warren aligned to VP for Biden now, instead of progressives figuring their shit out from the get go and announcing a Warren/Sanders ticket after the majority of debates but before Super Tuesday.

I don’t think that’s the case. I think she’s doing what’s right for our republic, just like Bernie did.


Indeed, Massachusetts. The governor of Massachusetts, who appoints her replacement until the next election, is a Republican. Which means that a Republican would get the advantage of running as an incumbent (of sorts). I’m not saying that it’s a lock that she’d be replaced permanently by a GOP senator, but it’s definitely not a lock that the seat is guaranteed safe, either.

Frankly, I’d much rather have her in the Senate influencing (or, in a better world, becoming) the Dem leadership and have a younger person as VP who could run in eight years.


Warren and Biden have been working together for years, both when she was chair of the TARP oversight committee and later when she helped create the CFPB. Biden, as VP at the time, was probably her main WH contact.


Should be narrated: “He plagiarized speeches back in the 80s”, “He accused a man of drunk driving and killing his wife”, “He falsely claimed to have marched for civil rights and being arrested in South African Republic for visiting Mandela”, “He voted for wars, and then lied how he didn’t support the war”, “He voted to make cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Veteran Affairs”, and “As of late, he participated in #MeToo movement by being accused of unwanted touching, kissing, hair smelling and event straight up sexual assault”. “So go out there, vote Joe Biden, because Trump is about 3.12% worse”.


Trump appreciates your support.


Yes. yes. yes. Capuano is shrewd, intelligent, and a stand-up guy. I don’t know why Somerville voted him out, but he would be an excellent replacement for Warren.


Sure. But I also know Biden is going to be looking for someone to placate Bernie supporters.

Given how the HRC-Sanders “deal” in 2016 went down, any such agreement isn’t worth the one-ply bog roll it’s printed on.

But enough cynicism.

As an early but lapsed Warren supporter, a VP slot would be more historic, but I think Treasury Secretary would be more effective. All of this is predicated on Biden winning, and my thoughts on that are hardly a secret here. Whoops, there’s that cynicism again!


If telling the truth supports Trump, I think that says a lot more about the truth than the teller. Bonus cynicism!