Strong fundraising shows Sen. Warren's continued surge

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$50 million between the two candidates least willing to put up with the usual centrist bullshit you love to see it.


Elizabeth Fucking Warren. ‘Fuck,’ and ‘Yes.’


Bernie Sanders, who brought in over $25 million

The Sanders Surge continues undiminished! :slight_smile:


Go Cougars!


Senator Warren’s campaign also sent dinner to the Sanders organization on the evening their candidate was hospitalized with chest pain and underwent emergency heart surgery.

Classy and smart. They’re rivals now, but ultimately both candidates know they’re on the same side.


The US has serious structural problems, Warren has serious policy proposals to address those problems.

But, you know, it’s great to see that a woman’s worth, even while running for president, lies only in the degree to which she can be sexualized. /s


It hasn’t been that long since the media was going with the ‘Warren will have hard time raising money’ stories.


I’m scared she won’t be able to go toe-to-toe with that murderous orange baboon. I’m scared none of them will. He lies with such skilled alacrity, like he was born to it, like it’s part of his genome, like he’d rather lie even when he doesn’t have to.

Who can keep up with that?


It’s easy to keep up with his lying; simply say “That’s a lie” every time the Orange Buffoon makes an utterance. He’ll go crazy trying to make up more lies to reinforce the first (second, third, fourth etc.) lie.


That was a reference to her stellar counter-trolling skills, right?


You can be afraid or you can go out and fight. Liz Warren is not going to cower in fear of the orange turd.


Plus Warren has the power of a cougar behind her!

Thanks Jacob Wohl for making Warren even cooler!


“You fool Wohl!! You only made Warren even more awesome!!”


I’ll make a contribution myself this weekend, but I’m pretty certain the Democratic party will make Biden the candidate, no matter how many people they have to alienate and what despicable deeds they have to do. I dare to hope, but deep inside I know they’re too committed to losing to ease up now.

Yep, she makes a post extolling the virtues of affordable education, and sneaks in a sly jab at those idiots trying to smear her. Awesome! She’ll make a great President.


Who cares? It legitimizes the opposition if you do, and no one with an R next to their names has any legitimacy at this point.

If only there was something real you could do to help Warren.

If only, even if it took you out of your own bubble, your own comfort zone.

Let me know if you need any tips, because some of us have been there, and caucused as a Democrat for the first time in our lives last election.


Guess I’ve seen too many potential heroes (heroines) taken apart through the years. I hope you are right.

I’ve got two questions for you. How? and Why?

The How? part: AIUI, the Democratic primary process is pretty transparent and un-gameable. They could do the same thing as the GOP did in 2016 and make things winner-takes-all in the hopes of quickly giving the preferred candidate an unstoppable lead… but we saw with Trump how badly that can go off the rails if you miscalculate. So what “despicable deeds” could they pull off to make Biden the crowned winner?

The Why? part, which is more important if you ask me: I can absolutely believe that many, though far from all, of Democratic party insiders prefer Biden to Warren. They certainly prefer Biden to Sanders, who’s in the Dem primaries for opportunistic reasons and is a literal DINO. But I don’t see any evidence that they would somehow ram Biden through if someone else wins the primaries. They didn’t do it with Clinton in 2008, despite her being the initial favorite and the party establishment candidate, when Obama overtook her. And they didn’t do it in 2016, despite Bernie’s campaign trying to argue for the superdelegates to abandon the clear primary winner, Clinton, and back him.

The Democratic party leaders and insiders are no saints, obviously. But they want two things very much: they want power, and they want to take out Trump. And the best way to achieve both of these goals is by putting up the best candidate they have and then doing everything they can to get out the Dem vote, and to move as much of the independent voters behind the Democratic candidate as possible. And pulling some transparently anti-democratic trick to make Biden the candidate, alienating people in the process, would make it much harder to get that vote out and to beat Trump.

Basically, the whole “Biden the candidate, no matter how many people they have to alienate and what despicable deeds they have to do” scenario you talk of does not make sense. And the stuff about “too committed to losing” is just your pessimism and insecurity talking, likely reinforced with a bunch of bullshit and lies about Clinton somehow cheating in the 2016 primaries (she didn’t) or the DNC robbing Bernie (they didn’t).


I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure what I mean aside from a general pessimism and a suspicion that Biden will be ramrodded down our throats by any means possible. I was mostly just tired and feeling politically exhausted when I wrote that post. I will say that while I agree that getting out the vote and getting independent voters behind Dem candidates is obviously the best way to beat Trump, there’s not agreement on how to do that. I feel like the best way would be to support progressive candidates who will make an actual difference, but other Democrats, including some I know, feel like the best way is to put up as bland and middle-of-the-road candidate as possible, on the general principle that young people who want change are naive idiots who won’t vote anyway. I don’t feel like Bernie was robbed or illegally cheated of anything, but he was definitely marginalized and his supporters alienated by the mainstream Democratic party and the media, and I fully expect it to happen again to both him and Warren as the election draws closer.