Elizabeth Warren profile: portrait of a savvy politician who appeals to working people, and who can get stuff done

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Oh god, a politician who is capable of doing their job and upholding their duty.

I think I’m gonna cum.

American discourse folks.



I thought Manjoo’s piece in the NY Times was really something as well.

The idea that a Presidential candidacy should be centered around ideas–good ideas that have lots of public support but are often wrongly considered outliers–is a hell of a thing.


I just want to know if/how she can appeal to folks on the right, who maybe don’t realize they actually agree with her because Fox News will breathlessly hype meaningless BS like her heritage, or “socialism.”

With some as focused, smart and substantive as Elizabeth Warren in the race, if uncle Joe staggers in grinning and finger-gunning and wins on pure male bullshit, I’m gonna cut my dick off and move to Canada.


Canada accepts non-eunuchs too!


Aw, you just don’t get it. It’s more important to appeal to the mythical Trump voters who feel kinda bad about putting him in office and want an old white man to turn to in these times of trouble who won’t hold anyone responsible for anything they’ve done* and will place a premium on getting along with congressional Republicans.

Don’t you understand that’s a lot better strategy than aggressively advocating progressive ideas with broad support that will motivate more people to come out and vote?

*and has the track record to prove it!


You missed out the sarcasm tag. Right?


Fuck them. How about she appeals to the huge numbers of people, nearly half the voting population, who are so discouraged, they don’t vote. The Fox News crowd is about a quarter of the population. We have no need to appeal to those retrograde assholes if we can rally the people who have given up on the political system because neoliberalism failed them.



She appeals to me. My fear is that the masses will automatically label her “Clinton 2.0” which is wildly inaccurate to anything besides their gender.


Why? There’s way more dem leaning non voters that can be galvanized than there are trump morons who can be flipped. I’d rather cater to the base than attempt to appeal to the worst most impulsive mouth breathing ididotic selfish jackwagons from the last election.


Good point.

I myself get discouraged because Fox News talking points seem to end up dominating the debate, when most of the time they should be dismissed as scare-mongering and chicanery.

Because I think a surprising number of self-described conservatives might actually agree with her if her ideas are presented to them before Sean Hannity can taint their opinion.


I have no doubt they’ll try if she gets the nomination. There is little doubt she’ll get hit with all sorts of bullshit. It’s up to her and her supporters to break through.

I’m just saying that given the hard core trumpers are about a 25% of the population, and more than half of voting eligible don’t vote, we don’t need to worry about them as much as we think we do. She (or whoever gets the nomination) needs to offer strong policy, not platitudes and bullshit. Stacy Abrams did just that. Rather than trying to go after the white, male suburban or rural vote that’s reliably republican, she talked to people who had stopped voting. While she lost (to a candidate who was also running the election), she did get the numbers way up, especially out in rural areas of the state. In the rust belt, I think that’s a workable strategy for Warren (or Sanders or whoever).

I’d say it’s speaking to the alienated about what we as a country can do to improve their lot.

Sure, and that’s part of why people are alienated. We think they are predominant, but they’re not. This actually illustrates part of the problem rather well:

And keep in mind that although fox is the most watched cable news network, that is less than 1% of the population…

Alienation is the problem, not just right wing propaganda in and of itself (though, yes, that’s a problem).


This is a lot better than the last one.

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She probably won’t, or at least not some large portion of them. But so what? Those people aren’t going to vote for any Democrat, no matter who it is. So if you’re thinking we have to nominate someone who will appeal to those folks, you have already lost.


You guys are misunderstanding me, or perhaps you’re lumping all of “those people” together as one monolithic mass. If there were Trumpers in the upper mid-west who would have voted for Bernie over Trump given that option instead of Hillary, then there are more than just dumbass mouth breathers out there. Sure, the conspiracy weirdos and hardcore racists are a lost cause, but I’m not talking about them.

I really just want progressive ideas to get a good honest discussion in this campaign.

Those people are idiots who should not be catered to in any way, shape, or form. Anyone who pretended to care anything at all about Sanders’ policy positions and then voted for Trump instead of Clinton is a goddamn moron, and a disingenuous goddamn moron to boot. They may not be lost causers in the exact same way that the rest of Trump’s base is, but they were toxic fools who would rather burn things down just for the smug satisfaction of saying ‘told you so’.

(This isn’t an attack or criticism of you, by the way, you’re raising fair points about election strategy–just those idiots you reference)

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Votes are votes.

Nobody has to “cater to them” necessarily, but I have met people who I think are actually pretty intelligent who fell for Trump’s garbage, so I can’t just dismiss everyone as idiots.