WATCH: Elizabeth Warren rescues Planned Parenthood, excoriates misogynist GOP creeps

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Way to go Elizabeth Warren! I like her!!

Edit: forgot the ‘go’ I was so happy.


Those bastards know the Federal Gov does not fund abortions. They are happy to mislead people to thinking that, and happy to shut down Planned Parenthood in order to take the abortions down with the ship.


The GOP’s great march downward continues!


Yet another reminder that whenever someone tells you that both parties are the same or that voting doesn’t matter, they’re full of shit.

I don’t agree with the Democrats on everything, but at least I agree with them on issues. The only thing I agree with the GOP on is maybe the need for a strong military. Though, even then not at the expense of science, healthcare, and education funding etc.

Vote GOP in 2016 at your peril.


Sure, if you want her to lose the ability to be effective. How about we keep her where she’s actually able to get some work done?


The idea that the president is powerless to make effective positive change is a modern myth.

We haven’t had effective people in a weak office; we’ve had horribly misguided people in all-too-powerful an office.

Giving power to someone with clearly beneficial intent and abilities happens, rarely, and these people do amazing things. When the voting masses are clear-sighted enough to elect them, which is rare.

So please get on the wagon and help Warren do good shit. I get that you were probably mostly tongue-in-cheek, but this lady is the Anti-Trump. We need her.



I have such a crush on her.


Is this one of those clubs we’re not supposed to talk about?


Whenever someone tells me that both parties are the same, it tells me that the Democratic leadership sucks. Given the behavior of Republican leadership, the difference between Democrats and Republicans should be visible from orbit. The fact that it isn’t that obvious means there isn’t nearly as much of a difference as there should be.

One of the reasons our Senator Warren is so popular is that – unlike most of the Democratic “leadership” – she actually sounds and acts like a freakin’ Democrat should sound. There should be hundreds of people like her in office. But unlike most Democratic (and many independent) voters, the people in power in the Democratic Party don’t seem to want that.

I wonder why not.


I don’t believe the office is weak. I believe the office is a target of those who would normally allow certain legislation to be passed if it weren’t deemed an “administration priority”.

Because even in Democrat-held (or swing) states, the politicians have to pander to that part of the population who would otherwise vote Republican. See for example: California Central Valley.

I have no idea what you mean by that.

But you seem a well-intentioned person, and if you’re saying that the presidency is maybe too much in some influential peoples’ pockets, I absolutely agree.

She said no, repeatedly. Even the Ready For Warren hardcore finally listened to her. So piss off.

If she had decided to run, I would’ve been volunteering from here to November 2016. And that’s even though she would have been this round’s Actual Liberal Democrat for the party to sacrifice on the altar to their corporate donors. She made the right call.

If you support her ideas, support them even though she’s not running for president. Support other Democrats like her. And let the party leadership know that if they’re not going to help, they better get the hell out of the way.


Lol wow I had no idea someone would be so upset.

Hey, she’s great, and she should serve where she feels she can do to the most good. Didn’t mean to get anywhere near your toes.


I got to attend a parliamentary session in France recently, and one thing particularly struck me: these kind of speeches from politicians are preaching to the choir. They’re to show the speaker’s voters that they’re standing up for their causes, and that’s it. The opposition doesn’t care, and often they’re not even listening.

We’re the target audience for Warren’s speech. Republicans aren’t. We’re cheering for her exactly the same way pro-lifers are cheering their lizards for defunding PP. Communication, there isn’t.


No, they don’t. There are more than enough people in swing states – and probably some red states – to more than make the difference if they had people to vote for instead of just people to vote against.

I think part of the blame is the apathy of the average American voter. Its pretty clear there are visible differences between both parties if you pay attention.

Only one party wants to cut funding to healthcare repeatedly. Either PP/Obamacare/9/11 health for responders, etc.

Only one party at least put up a fight over the latest trade deal. Sure, thanks to Senator Warren but still.

Only one party wants to consider cutting military spending because maybe we should reassess whether we need so many nuclear weapons for example. You know, because modernizing will cost 1 trillion dollars and everyone who looks at the math says its not affordable.

Only one party rather fund Russia’s manned space program rather than ours.

Only one party has brought us to near default twice, and shutdown the government once. I really don’t see how the differences could be that more pronounced.

So yes, if it isn’t clear to some people by now they’re freaking blind and simply not paying attention.


Don’t flatter yourself. You didn’t get anywhere near my toes.

Hey I’ll admit here and now that I’m not that political and there are others far more informed.

All I was looking to say is that based on what I’ve read about her, I really like Warren, and if she ran, that would be cool. But I don’t know if she’s formally renounced that or whatever.

So maybe I was just an idiot. Sorry.

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