Michigan police felt issue press release about possible Bigfoot sighting

Originally published at: Michigan police felt issue press release about possible Bigfoot sighting | Boing Boing


The possibility of singular bigfeet without a population of bigfeet is slim to none, less than the possibility of space aliens, but far higher than the existence of supernatural beings or spirits (gods)

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Was there a bear convention in town?


One can but hope.

(Not a bear myself, but I do have to admire!)


Sasquatch would totally volunteer to be a go go dancer at Bearracuda.


I don’t read that press release as annoyed. They were probably inudated with calls from the press or citizens so they put out a press release.

I live near Shelby, I didn’t hear anything about this and I follow local news. It wasn’t headline stuff.

These scanner pages can turn the most mundane police call into a federal case.

If a helicopter flies over head people freak out. If a cop goes by with lights and sirens people freak out.

And oh my god, heaven forbid a white van stops at the grocery store. Everyone warns everyone that the trafficers are in town.

Local scanner pages are fun because people are idiots.


A Nextdoor.com thread for my hometown blew up last winter because someone claimed to see a UFO. Two weeks of conspiracy theories about government vehicles regularly crashing through the woods at night, chasing mysterious lights.

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