Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney accidentally signed Rhode Island tax refund checks

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Speaking as someone who has had to code this kind of nonsense, that looks like a test-scenario went live without being checked. (A-ha.) If you’re running a simulation of printed checks you have to make sure SOME kind of signature comes out, but it better be obviously fake. “Okay, Larry, that works fine. Promote it, make it live!” But Larry (or Moe, or Curly Joe) forgot to change the variables that pointed to the signature files. Could have been a lot worse!


Yeah my thought exactly. It is actually a good set of fake signatures. Clearly fake and easy to spot. Though not easy enough I guess.

Also, I always knew Rhode Island was a mickey mouse operation…


I don’t know for sure, but I bet the Disney corporation considers Walt’s stylized signature a trademark. I wonder if the Disney lawyers are going to care that Maryland is regularly using their “valuable intellectual property” for internal tests.


I’m sure Disney has way more money than the Rhode Island treasury. They probably won’t even notice it’s gone.


Wow, someone in that department is kind of dopey. That’s the kind of mistake that makes managers really grumpy.


Yep. There was a bank in the UK that sent out a load of flyers addressed to ‘Dear Rich Bastard’. I would have framed one of these but some people got upset.

What we need is the equivalent of the 555-phone numbers - some recognised string that should never get into release software. I used to use a large ASCII-art skull and bones but that was only good if you saw it.


Well “Donald Duck” is the traditional signatory for bad cheques signed by consumers.

Oh man Scrooge is going to be so pissed.


Then 'Mr Fake Signature’ would be a better bet, I reckon.

Yeah, nobody come out of this ugly episode snow white. Whoever they are they’re probably wishing it had all been a fantasia, now. The cheques probably went to a plutocrat, anyway.

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In a year or two that’ll probably be worth several times the face value for rarity. Hang onto it!

Jiminy, you really reached for those puns. I mean, sure it’s not as easy as picking Daisies to write out a finely embedded list, but while you were Happy to do so, it made me a bit Sleepy. I mean sure, you were Lucky to be able to Pepper in the Oddball name here and there, but you did Flounder a bit at the end. I think next time, before you subject the masses to some particular Pain, you might want to decide if you really want to Sully your hands while Stitching together a string of puns to really Crush it.

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