Mickey Mouse/eye-in-pyramid tee on Threadless



I can’t tell if it’s an actual t-shirt or just a submitted design; I assume if it were the former, Disney would have already stomped on it.

Countdown to lawsuit in three… two… one…

It’s known as the “eye of providence”, though I’m not sure how many people would recognize that, so “eye-in-pyramid” works too

Yup. It may be out of copyright, but trademark is forever. Though this may qualify as satire/parody.

I keep trying to tell you guys Mickey is the Beast of Revelation, but does anybody listen?

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Heck, it’s not even out of copyright. Why do you think they keep extending the duration of copyright? (It’s no coincidence there’s been a copyright extension every time Mickey was about to hit the public domain.) The Mouse isn’t scheduled to hit the public domain (again) until 2023, I believe. But of course there will be yet another copyright extension before that happens.

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