Microsoft announces Surface Book, its first laptop

Microsoft is now all down with open source, and Linux and Apple and Android and whatever else. In so many ways, they have changed into a drastically different company in the last 3 years.

Don’t look at me. I haven’t run Windows (except in a virtual machine to test something) since May, 2006… I either use OS X (for work) or Linux.

Nothing salves a scarred psyche forced to run nightly builds of Vista for years like having nothing to do with Windows.

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Errr no, i didn’t actually. But thanks for the warning! I’ll be sure to use the fashionable neologisms in future. I award you +10 smug points. Enjoy.

I only take payment in whuffie.

The smug is free though.

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I wasn’t.

I’ve seen it reported by $SOMEGUYONTHEINTERNET (I’ll try and find it again) that one of those pesky Windows 10 updates on a dual-boot machine reverted the UEFI settings and deleted grub. He did the sensible thing and nuked the Windows install.

The problem here is that there are certain sets of hardware that don’t have good non-windows drivers so that isn’t always an option. (Of course, I don’t buy that hardware but other folks might.)


I remember the happy days of having to find and patch in a driver for HP’s netbook clickpad, until eventually it was baked into the kernel. (And the beneficial discipline of not using a pointing device at all.)

I’m thinking of a new laptop for the first time in years: fun, in a way, to research what’s supported and what isn’t, yet.

This MS exec doesn’t exactly look thrilled with the product

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