Microsoft announces Surface Book, its first laptop

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prices beginning at $1,499

Also. Ooooh. Me likey. Their Lumia 950s can die in a fire though.

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Oooh a seperate gpu even. Tempting.

Since this can separate and be a tablet…

Isn’t this just a Surface with a better keyboard/hinge combo minus the stylus?

Is this for people who say “I wish the surface had a better keyboard”?

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It has a stylus. Big difference is in the 'Book the discreet GPU lives in the keyboard portion.

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Note: $1499 does not include the dedicated graphics card. Still pretty excited for this.

Edit: unfortunate that only the top of the line model includes 16 gig ram

This makes it even worse! The surface Pro 4 has a discrete GPU option and doesn’t need the dedicated keyboard (other than the standard ones the surface utilizes) for the graphics power.

Now this is the device for people who wanted a better keyboard and slower performance in tablet mode.

I believe the Surface Pro 4 has integrated (Intel) graphics -

M3: Intel® HD graphics 515
i5: Intel® HD graphics 520
i7: Intel® Iris™ graphics

From the Msoft site, which is getting hammered-

Does it run Linux?


A real shame it’s riddled with spyware right out of the box.


That was kinda what they were going for when they co-designed the HP Spectre x360 (which I got from \Build).

Tablet mode is great, except for the fact that the keyboard is exposed on the back side. I think this computer fixes this issue?

Looks awesome.

(OSX and Ubuntu have been caught doing similar things, just FYI. Android, iOS… Maybe not Blackberry, though?)

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An exaggeration in Ubuntu’s case, I’m afraid.

Looks like we are both correct. The highest models will have a discrete GPU in the form of the new Intel SOC CPU/Graphics combo. Called Iris or something similar.

It’s said to have twice the power of the previous graphics of the Surface.

It’s a full PC, so yes…if you read how to install on PCs with the UEFI boot thing.

You seem to be confusing the terms.
“Integrated graphics” refers to the graphics processing being done in the CPU.
Discreet graphics means there is a separate processor, a GPU, doing the graphics processing.
Intel Iris is considered an integrated graphics solution as the graphics processing is done in the CPU.

Yes, but micro$oft seems to be particularly pernicious at the moment. Though have a gander at avg’s new privacy policy :fearful:

O brave new world, that has such internet enabled devices in’t.

You know every time you use this cutsey neologism from 1998 or so, your perceived IQ drops about 10 points?

Evil Empire Microsoft hasn’t had the power of either Apple or Google for at least a decade now.

When did you leave? :slight_smile:

May, 2006!

Started at Mozilla in July, 2007!

I’m not saying that my leaving precipitated the downfall of Microsoft’s power and influence but…

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