Microsoft buys, domain that receives constant stream of data sent by mistake

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Sorry the hear this. I don’t like domain squatters.

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In a written statement, Microsoft said it acquired the domain to protect its customers

Probably true.

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The domain is similar to an internal address used by Windows servers

Capital-c? … Why?

In other news, Windows is still a bloated pile of insecurities and zero-day exploits.


True, but one less is still one less.

20 years ago who would have thought that in 2020 we would be more worried about “Do no evil” Google than greedy browser-buster Bill Gates and Microsoft?

But I take this as good news…if Facebook had bought the site I’d be really worried.


Oh thank goodness, I thought they had snapped up my favourite carp-fishing forum!

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Google’s evil is still pretty hypothetical. They could do something ugly with their terrible and wreckless power, but they don’t. They are a corporation, so they have normal corporation faults, but are otherwise fine. They wield a terrifying amount of power and mostly don’t do anything bad with it. Sometimes they spend their money on cool stuff like autonomous cars.

I feel as far as evil corporate overlords go, Google is fine. If I had to pick a random likely evil corporation overlord out of a hat (Walmart, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Uber, FoxNews, Disney, Facebook, Twitter, Boeing, McDonalds, etc), and I got Google, and they told me I could pick another, but I have to keep it whatever it is, I’d stick with Google without a second thought.


Microsoft prevents Domain of Danger from falling into miscreants’ paws by forking out cash for

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