Microsoft thinks Minecraft's creator is a creeper

Literally the only time I wish I could have bought something after Microsoft got their hands on it.


I appreciate Savage’s point (as I usually do) but do you know what other day is heterosexual pride day? It’s gay pride day. Put on whatever the hell you want to wear and head down to the march. Straight people are at pride all the time. Nobody is going to shame you for liking the bodies you like. The only entry requirement is that you aren’t an asshole about other people’s pride.

If other people feeling good about who they are makes someone feel bad about who they are, that person need a psychologist, not a day in their honor.


Sooo… looks like money doesn’t buy yourself out of your own insecurities.


Who does this clown think he is? The president?


A non-Persson.


Straight people even go to gay clubs, sometimes. They got the best dance music in some places.


Microsoft thinks Minecraft’s creator is a creeper

I’d like to think that most people that know anything about Notch think this.


He’s way beyond FU money.

Notch is deep into F Me money.


In Chicago the gay bars get a lot more straight after 2am when a lot of other bars close.


I’m kind of convinced he hit gold with Minecraft by accident and community involvement. I remember a specific Twitter thing when Dinnerbone boasted a funny meme about everything he fixes one thing, it shows another problem. Notch was a total dick and at the time I followed the whole Mojave crew and was kind of shocked by Notch’s reaction. It’s not like it was a secret his actual work needed help sometimes.

I think I. The early days the community really collaborated to help push Minecraft into the direction its at now.


As a creative, I kind of feel for him being in the predicament of having an early project be a success so wild it altered the industry—and then realizing you now have decades of trying to measure up to that one fluke stretching out ahead of you. The chances of a follow-up to that level of achievement are so low that you’re pretty much guaranteed to be either “that guy who never made anything again, what a lazy waste of talent/clearly he wasn’t that talented in the first place” or “the M. Night Shyamalan of gaming, whose projects got shittier and shittier after his initial popular success until he became a reviled joke.” I’d be utterly paralyzed in that situation, out of my mind with depression over doing nothing and anxiety over doing anything.

It doesn’t by any means excuse the colossal asshole he’s become—plenty of people deal with the high emotions of creative success and failure without being indoctrinated into being massive vocal shitstains in public—but I still look at him and kind of think that his is a sad story.


Notch is absolutely an Indie dev who blindly stumbled on the biggest hit in PC gaming of all time. It was also pretty clear after awhile how his strength was not in team/project management. Even after Minecraft was clearly a certified money printing machine he never expanded beyond “tiny indie dev studio” status nor do much in the way of revenue sharing with the team.

Microsoft is a much better steward of the project, even if they have their own problems like pushing a version of the game that doesn’t support mods. Who knows, maybe someday Microsoft will figure out that official mod API that eluded Mojang.


It’s not like this is a secret. He’s been well known for two things for a while:

#1 - Creating Minecraft
#2 - Being a giant asshole


He’s lonely. He has no friends and can’t make any without questioning if they’re just there because of his money. This isn’t an excuse, it’s an explanation. Mo’ money, mo’ problems.


Saying, “it’s OK to be white” is not a standalone statement. It has a lot of context. The context is, “Hey, don’t tell me that I have privilege being a white person in the US. I’m as oppressed as non-white people.” It’s selfish, small, stupid statement.

Pretending that there’s no context at all, would mean that he’s literally talking about albinos. Do we think he’s talking about albinos?

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Today I learned notch is a fucking douchebag. I also validated my desire to leave twitter more than 6 years ago.


Having grown up near West Hollywood, I tend to think of Halloween as the Other Gay Pride Day.


If nothing else, this pseudo-ameliorates my ever-growing ball of regret at never having released any kind of creative/interactive personal project. “I’m not an asshole! that’s why!” *immediately recall every dick move I’ve ever made in sudden cringe-fugue, curl up in a ball*


It’s perfectly fine. No one is saying it isn’t (except for a few fringe people). Push back like Notch’s statement is either due to trolling, or misunderstanding the issues.

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and now he has to self justify that he’s the most intelligent person in the room because he got all the money.

people seem to do that all the time. maybe because acknowledging luck and timing, community and “standing on the shoulders of giants”, to get where you are seems too random. so they don’t feel guilty about their success.