Microsoft's 1994 home page


Love it.

The star background.
The scattered links.

Very 1994.

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I wonder if they had a Gopher presence? That is where the real action was…

Edit: I see that the page has a link to

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Image map = cutting edge in 1994. I was guilty too.

There may not have been “web design” as we know it, or even as the late 90s knew it, but there is the common-sense aspect of not putting thin dark-teal type on a black background.

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Remember when Microsoft had so much potential? Pepperidge Farm remembers…


Are you kidding? Teal was the car color of choice in 1994. Why not put it all over everything?

Also, that’s cyan, not teal. :wink:


Nothing says 90’s like a web page entitled “Welcome to this web page!”


Well, this one is on


If you click through to the live page and then select Windows news it takes you to… With an incorrect SSL certificate. Even 20 years later Microsoft still can’t internet.


“Send us your feeback”!!!

People paying yearly dues for Windows or Office might want to say the same thing to Microsoft.

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I wish SGI would bring back their old website:

Damning proof that Steve Jobs was 100% wrong when he said Bill Gates had no taste.

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