Migration in America



It is a strange fact of humanity that often those who have benefitted from the great opportunities they or their ancestors enjoyed will manage to convince themselves that they suceeded of their own accord, or that the fortune that found them was some how innately deserved.

Then, operating from a seat of egotistical miopia, they condemn the same opportunities and fortunes being granted to others, on the grounds that anyone else is somehow not merely undeserving of them, but actively deserving of being deprived of them.

A land chiefly peopled by immigrants that today despises immigrants. We consider self-hatred to be destructive and unhealthy in individuals, but we seem to tolerate it within nations and cultures for some reason.


I can understand and accept that for practical purposes you might want to control the flow so as to not overwhelm services or concentrate poverty. What I completely fail to understand is the hatred shown towards immigrants by some folks. If someone making nothing saves all of their pennies, crosses a few thousand miles over hostile terrain, jumps a militarized border, and enters a place where they don’t speak your language and are actively out to get you just so that you can work the shittiest of the shit jobs, that person qualifies in my book as a grade A badass. I’ll take one of those over same lazy fucking entitled American kid born with a silver spoon stuck up their ass coasting his way through life any day of the week. To turn around and begrudge someone for fighting tooth and nail to get here and make their own dream is disgusting and pathetic.

I almost wonder if America is a lot like a horse archer horde. For thousands of years, you have had places where nomade horse archers would be on the edge of great civilization. Every now and then they would get their shit together and conquer. Genghis Khan is the most obvious example, but that sort of thing has happened many times throughout history. What is interesting though is that it follows a very normal cycle. The horde comes in and crushes the civilized folks whose are militarily helpless in the face of an organized band of skilled horse archers. They new rulers settle down to rule and enjoy the luxuries of civilization you don’t get when you live in a tent. A few generations later, the new rulers are gone. They get weak because they are not wandering and fighting in open steppes and instead chilling in palaces and cities, lose their hard edge, and get their asses kicked by another group of horse archers or pissy natives.

I think maybe America is similar. It gets these immigration waves where hardy bad asses fight tooth and claw to get here. Those bad asses get here, do great because they are bad ass, and drive the nation forward. A generation or two later when the momentum has worn off and they are just another bunch of lazy ass Americans, another wave of immigrants come to repeat the cycle. Immigration is the lifeblood of the US. Anyone trying to cut that off are short sighted fools root for Americas downfall without even knowing it.


It’s a sad irony that elite scumbags like Murdoch actively foster these views amongst those who, within a first-world nation, are treated increasingly like second class citizens, nay, cattle.

I’m sure it’s a source of great comfort for entitled leeches to contemplate the masses sharing their own attitude to the less fortunate, rather than to see them looking up to find where the piss is trickling down from.

Just pawns in a chess move; see above.

Every once in a blue moon we get (at least in Oz, and at least in the past - Whitlam, Hawke/Keating, even a bit of lip-service from Rudd) a government that actually shows leadership in this arena and seeks to counter the vilification cycle of the MSM… but of course it doesn’t last.

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