Mike Bloomberg "campaign logo" reminiscent of ZALGO text


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I’m having a little trouble with these two.
Any guesses why? Anybody?


But on a serious note, can we stop acting like this nonsense has captured our imaginations? I assumed this story was just a blip and would be eye-rollingly ignored like Howard Schultz. But then today I see the Washington Post is riddled with headlines excitedly discussing the possibility.

I guess I underestimated the power of the Centrist Third Way Unironic-Metropolitan-Elite Journalistic Corporate Apologist Condescension Club to delude themselves. It makes me light-headed to even suggest this, but I think these people might actually be looking at surprise outsider candidates like Bernie Sanders and saying “hey, maybe it’s our time!”


Owning it together?

WTF! This ahole has never done an altuistic thing in his Billionaire life, ever.

Please go away Bloomberg and take Biden with you.


No, owning the nation. Together with the other rentier-plutos.

Actually I think it’s some “personal responsibility” mumbo-jumbo. You know, when billionaires pretend that people who have less money than they do don’t actually work.


As a Canadian with modest knowledge of this guy - is it safe to assume the BB online community is decidedly not a fan ? If so why? Thx

That’s a terrible acronym.


As Bender would say - I’m 15% owned by Mike Bloomberg.


“Owning It Together”


Well, this motherfucker is funny, I’ll give him that.


It’s awful. The first O and 2 below it looks like Schroeder from Peanuts, the 2 below the second O looks like an abstract representation of someone scratching their chin in confusion, the O and two 2s above ‘Bloomberg’ looks like someone in a boxing stance about to spar with somebody. The ‘Owning it together!’ looks like it’s somehow carrying on from whatever the two lower 2s are doing whilst we’re at it.

Then again what do I know, I’m not someone who can waste thousands on a graphic designer for a vanity project only for it to fail on basic levels…


Because we have a field with a bunch of really great candidates including women and POCs with wonderful policies and that have a real chance of winning the primary and presidency (and if all that fails, we have Biden as well).

The last fucking thing we need is this 1%er centrist choad coming in and taking oxygen from other candidates with his “hey remember me, I’m a less shitty version of Trump” announcement.


Basically, nobody asked for him. He adds nothing but noise and confusion, cannot win, has no discernible ideology other than “any system that made me a dekabillionaire can’t be all bad,” and so forth.

It’s not to say he’s an inherently terrible person, but he is about as divorced from typical human perspectives and experiences as it is possible to be, shy of being David Bowie’s character in The Man Who Fell To Earth. Also, he might be an inherently terrible person.

The kindest possible explanation for his candidacy is that he’s insane in a very Trumpian way: he read half of a horse-race headline about how some Democrats somewhere are wondering if the field is strong enough, and heard ten million phantom voices chanting his name. The other explanations are all more sinister. Personally, I think it’s the former. He’s Trump’s ego minus Trump’s id.


I think Noah Cross’s answer to Jake Gittes supplies an answer. He wants the future, like all powerful types from Augustus on down to today.


I’m a liberal civil servant design professional who worked for him for 7 years. Vote for him. He may occasionally do stuff the average boing boinger might not necessarily like, but he will have made the decision with a lot of thought and not much pre-judgement. He will allow you to safely not think about the federal government for four years. Imagine.

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With so many other great and progressive candidates (and Joe Biden) running right now, why do we need Bloomberg muddying the waters?

We don’t need another ultra-wealthy “businessman” running the country.

But thanks for your perspective.


His website looks like a standard ecommerce setup with integrated shopping cart. Zero effort has gone into making it look like the front end for a presidential candidate.

edit: his shopify cart let me run through the steps for buying a shirt from Australia. If I do that am I contributing to his campaign from a foreign country?


altuistic - you mean altruistic

Well, not entirely true. But doesn’t matter - not the man for the times.


He took a profitable, useful nice-to-work-for company that a bunch of friends retired from and turned the environment into that of a 1900’s shirt factory. Thank you, no.

–progressive retired civil servant engineer who never worked for the guy, thank goodness.


Spell check kicked me again. Dang.

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