Militarized cops: arms dealers bribed Congress to ramboize Barney Fife


More Dakka
The theory goes like this: You pull the trigger on a machine gun until the whole world turns into blood, and it is awesome. You can’t argue with that; that’s science.
— Cracked, “5 Weapons Myths You Probably Believe (Thanks to Movies)”
More Dakka is the art of solving problems by firing as many rounds at them as possible; related to When All You Have Is a Hammer, More Dakka is a Sub-Trope of Spam Attack, but with bullets. The name comes from the Ork onomatopoeia for machine gun firing: “dakka-dakka-dakka-dakka…”
Improbable Aiming Skills are all very well and good, but sometimes you just need to throw a wall of bullets at the target — perhaps your foe can Dodge the Bullet, or you’re up against a whole army of Mooks at once. Modern automatic weapons can achieve the rates of fire required for more dakka all by themselves, but using a whole bunch of slower-firing guns works too. More Dakka can even work against targets where conventional attacks are normally ineffective — even if each shot only does Scratch Damage, it will succumb to a Death of a Thousand Cuts eventually. After all, Theres No Kill Like Overkill.
Gatling Good and Guns Akimbo are common ways of achieving More Dakka, and you can expect to see gratuitous camera shots devoted to torrents of shell casings > produced by the volume of fire. Unfortunately, more dakka has a good chance of accomplishing little or nothing, in the case of A-Team Firing or if the shooters are graduates of the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy. The Gunslinger may specialize in More Dakka, however, which can be downright terrifying. If you’re strong enough, you always have an option of taking heavier weapons off its mount

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Could we stop calling local police “Barney Fife”? It’s belittling and insulting, and the vast majority of local cops are just people trying to make a living and protecting lives and property.

Calling a specific cop or force Barney Fife makes sense if they do stupid shit or overreact to minor issues, but there’s no reason to do a mass smear.

I’m guessing it’s US slang because I had no idea what it meant. Why can’t we just use the old fashioned names like pig and filth?
(I jest, a bit.)

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Gee, I wonder why people think of local police as Barney Fife? I mean he was a bumbling fool who saw crime in the most innocent of activities. He was also over nervous and quick to pull out his gun. He clearly was not the kind of person who should have power or authority.

On the other hand he was fairly harmless. While he definitely had an us v them mindset, he never threatened to take away children from parents if they didn’t agree to pay a huge fine without a court date. He never stopped and harassed someone just because they were black.

You are right. It is insulting… to Don Knotts. Fife was an ultimately lovable character who was just a little misguided. Most local cops I encounter carry an air of a person who needs to be in control of everyone and everything.


Can we get past a couple of the words used in the headline to realize what the article is about?

Feel free to object to local cops being characterized as Barney Fife for the purpose of contrast with Rambo. They’re both caricatures. I’m pretty sure most of us who are familiar with US cinema and television understand that.

For myself, I want to object to the fact that arms industry lobbyists are successfully bribing Congress to create a taxpayer funded market for their wares. A market which puts military hardware in the hands of local police forces, and then requires that they actually use it within one year.

Imagine if Andy had insisted that Barney actually use his revolver at least once a year :open_mouth:


Turn the question on its head. You’re an arms dealer and some jerkass congressman has just introduced a bill to squash your best new market in years. Are you going to fund that person’s campaign? I think perhaps not.


@davide405 My writing a quick couple paragraphs on the insulting of local police doesn’t mean that I don’t have issues with the other aspects of this. I find the 30 years of police militarization in this country outrageous both in the damage it can do to the citizenship and also in the cost to the public.

I also have issues with the institutional racism that underlies the issues in Ferguson, the cost to normal policing of relying on SWAT and military tactics, the horrible crisis communications planning and implementation in my home state, the poor planning of the protesters, the criminals taking advantage of the situation, the sad response of the media as they sensationalize it, etc.

I often wonder why people think that a single comment on a single post is the totality of a person’s thoughts. It was one thought, expressed quickly and I moved on.

Sorry, but the police have NOT been Ramboized. I have not ONCE seen an officer with bow of any kind, much less a cool compound bow with explosive heads on the arrows…


I wish we had more Barney Fife’s in law enforcement. He kept his bullets in his shirt pocket.

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Confirmation of my theory that governments exist to keep arms dealers in business.


And vice versa.

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More importantly, Barney Fife only had one bullet.

I love that idea for the cops who clamor to be given HK submachine guns and M4 rifles. OK, you get your rifle. And you get 1 bullet. Maybe it’ll make you think more before you lock up on the trigger and turn Main St into downtown Lebanon.

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anyone really surprised ?

He’d have run out of toes and made the U.S. more ready for Monty Python.

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Anybody remember MadTV’s “Andy Griffith” satire? It was Mayberry meets Reservoir Dogs.


Funny you mention Barney…

When I consider the roles and ideals of the police in society, I often refer back to Andy Griffith… What Would Andy Griffith Do?

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Arms race for everyone!

PS In Finland Bandidos used a bazooka in a attack against Hells Angels in 1995. Some times you need to borrow a armored vehicle from the military, but buying one seems excessive.

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You might fund them if you thought it would get them to withdraw their bill.

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