Millennia-old canoe discovered in museum hallway




Why don’t you purify yourself in th water of Lake Minnetonka?


Yes. That.


[nitpick=obligatory]If it’s 1000 years old, it’s “millenium-old,” not “millenia.”[/nitpick]

Pretty cool, though! Wonder if it’s still watertight. Probably not if it managed to get underneath a lake.



Yes, that should millennium, not millennia. Instant disappointment, even though it’s an interesting find.


I can’t parse that headline. If it was in a hallway in a museum, then it must have been discovered already. Unless the test that updated its age was conducted in that same hallway, there’s no reason to mention the hallway at all. Oh, except for the cutesy-sounding humor. I hate it when legitimate science headlines aren’t considered interesting enough on their own merits. Science fetish is not science.


There are tons of interesting archaeological and paleontological discoveries that were found, catalogued, and then forgotten in various storerooms, hallways, etc. Sometimes they are rediscovered and found to be very significant discoveries that have been ignored for a long time. This is one of those stories and this is why the “museum hallway” part is a significant part of the story.

Finding cool stuff in forgotten storage rooms is, to me, an interesting part of science. It’s legitimate to report on it I’m pretty sure.


I’ve got an old inflatable raft taking up space in my garage if anyone wants to carbon-date it.


The hallway was an important trade route for the Mesoamerican Mound Builders, who traveled by water from the museum gift shop ATM to the vending machines in the break room.


This reminds me of the “My Favorite Museum Exhibit” series of posts, which remains one of my favorite things ever on BoingBoing, and that’s setting the bar pretty high.


There’s no way I’m going to date your old raft. What is this, sloopy seconds?


Something something little man in the boat.


That’s a really good point. Maybe some day we’ll have to add a caveat to ‘new’ discoveries, the same way we say (by white men) to “new” discoveries today. It might prove more fruitful to mount an expedition into old archives than into the field.


I wouldn’t carbon date your raft with someone else’s accelerator mass spectrometer.


This classic bit from Extreme Elimination Challenge seems to be missing a key piece of dialogue…


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  1. WTF?
  2. Hardly any of my tax dollars (as compared, to say, Military Brass Bands), and mostly, I think by Fjohürs Lykkewe


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