Millennial justice

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Well, they’re welcome to the assplay.

Well I suppose she’s trying hard.


I believe what you mean is that she’s going HAM, or she’s being a tryhard.

Don’t look at me, kid, most of these transgressions are things we lay at the feet of the Boomers or even their predecessors.

And Lunchables are garbage you fucking ingrate. If your parents had bought them for you, you would (and should) be complaining about that. Who do you think invented Lunchables anyway? Not a Millennial, that’s for sure.


And in 15 years they’ll be shocked to find all those problems still in existence and themselves blamed for them by the next generation.


She’s got a point about the 'ludes, mind. Selfish fuckers.


When the beat drops, admit that it is no longer feasible to put oneself through college working a part-time minimum-wage job.

/drop mic

Is enthusiasm childish? I may not be understanding properly. Isn’t this directed at the source, Baby boomers? Social change and access to riches, but only for them. It struck me as such and blaming that generation (the financial types, not mom and pop) should exist in perpetuity in the same way that information concerning the war (don’t mention the war!) should be perpetuated.

Or is this just typical whiny whiners whining about stuff they shouldn’t whine about? Whiners! I don’t geddit.

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I don’t understand any of those words when arranged in that particular order. Is this diatribe aimed AT Millennials or FROM them?

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May need a context

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