A Millennial Job Interview



Amusing stereotype.


Where’d my first reply go?

How could it have broken the rules worse than this garbage video?


Honestly, I thought it was kind of funny taken as a crass joke. But I agree it’s sad a lot of credulous fools buy into generational stereotypes.


“Amy” wouldn’t even count as a millenial either. She’s too young. Millenials by and large are people “Amy” would consider old gross people in their late 20s to mid 30s on Facebook.


Again and again and again. The stereotypes are repackaged and updated to account for the latest linguistic trends but substantially they are the same; the stereotypes given to millennial are essentially the same foisted on every rising generation, and just as (if not more so now) foolish.


I’m just tired of being called lazy and entitled for having been born later than old people.

There’s plenty of good real evidence besides my date of birth to show I’m lazy and entitled.


FWIW, @wait_really is right, the same BS has been thrown at everyone to ever have the temerity to make it to their 20’s and 30’s, always by those with a short memory. You can literally find this crap in ancient Roman and Chinese scrolls!


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