This is a generic Millennial ad


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THREE MINUTES ? Way too long for a millenial.


i was born in 1981, which my wife insists makes me a millennial, but i can’t relate to any of this. seems more like a social class than a generation.


Millennials are all beautiful.

Hey millennials, wearing a VR headset outside is just wrong.


I don’t know what they’ll try to sell me but I wholeheartedly believe any company using this understands my identity at a deep and profound level and am willing to support them by exchanging my avocado toast for goods and services


Here’s an interesting take on Millennial ads.


pfft. I was into this ad way before anyone else.


I enjoyed this ad…but only ironically.


Mahk is fantastic. I love the Malibu commercial.


That’s right on the edge of GenX and millennial, IMO. I was born in '66 which is very early X.


I was born in 1980. We now get the distinct honor of being a “micro-generation” labeled “Xennials” by people who care about such things. So congrats on not being a Gen-Xer. From Mashable.


What’s a Millennial? Asked the old codger…


i did grow up thinking i was a young gen-xer, but that was before millennial was a thing. millennialism, however…


Huh, interesting. I remember when they were called ‘Generation Y’.


[Generic comment by boomer1)]

1) For European values of “boomer”.


My favorite term used to be:

But then I read recently that in Hungary, they use the term “Ducktales generation”. That’s savory, that is.


As a kid born in the 80’s and in middle school when ‘VR’ was a buzzword? Total agreement. Dude you look like some sort of proto gargyle from snow crash.


I think you’re whatever generation that you most relate to. As a late 1980’s college student working shitty temp jobs and graduating into a recession I felt like the poster boy for a Douglas Coupland novel.

Is there a Generic Baby Boomer ad - you know, one that isn’t specifically selling Harley Davidsons?



Are we using SI units or Imperial?