This is a generic Millennial ad

Just turn to the golf channel.

that’s great!

Yes, an honest portrayal of our vapid, empty society.

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Basically me when I try to talk to the helpdesk kids at work.

Also when I think people in their early 30s are “kids”.


My hobby is getting into conversations with hipsters and every time they mention something, telling them how much I enjoyed the original versions back in the 80s and 90s.


Was not this just another dig at millenials - cashed up enough to be on a yacht in front of an Italian sea side village, but so oblivious to prefer a VR app?

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One of the latest in a long line of arbitrary labels designed to denigrate people within a certain age bracket but which has very little at all to do with reality. Seriously, Hesiod was complaining about the younger generation 2500-some years ago. He also called idleness a disgrace, and said that labor is the lot of man, all while living off of his merchant father’s fortune and writing smug little treatises blaming the laziness of others and the entire concept of having a vagina for all of Greece’s problems.

Interestingly enough, he was arguably the first person to write about the subject which we later came to call “economics” so I guess none of the other stuff should really come as any surprise.


They nailed it… despite the beautiful people I felt ill and turned it off.

See our ad in Golf Digest.

Wait, what?

heads over to Oxford’s to look up a definition

…3 minute commercial? You definitely don’t “get it”

And also denormalising a name service backend to distribute authentication data for multihost access controls was totally lame.


Yeah LDAP is way better and a whole lot easier to set up these days than it was back in the 90’s so there’s really no excuse to go with something that archaic unless you’re just trying to be weird or something. I mean, there’s a certain elegance in the simplicity, but if you think you need Hesiod, just use a proper directory service.

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Hay guys am I doing it right??


Smarty Alert!

[note sarcasm]

There is a specific quote floating around that people claim is misattributed to him, and that may be the case. However, if you read his writings, especially Works and Days, the quote seems pretty likely. Works and Days is a sort of farmer’s almanac, which is a decently useful thing to write, but all of the information is presented as advice from a much older Hesiod to his younger, improbably irresponsible, brother Perses who had squandered a farm which he’d dubiously inherited.

He was also a big-time misogynist, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was a Fox News pundit sent back in time. Hates women, thinks that younger people don’t know the value of hard work and are squandering the hard work of their elders, suggesting that one can save their way out of poverty, it’s all there really. If you modernized the language it’d read like something fresh off the modern millennial hate presses.


(waves hand)
“There are only SI units …”

No, what I meant is that there seems to be a lag of some 5 to 10 years between the USA and Europe as to when the baby boom started. Most of Europe had to do a bit of rebuilding first, and “The Pill” was avaiable later.

[patronizing affirmation]

I thought the video was just another dig at people who think that the way to sell things to millennials is to show them images of millennials who are cashed up enough to be on a yacht in front of an Italian sea side village, but so oblivious to prefer a VR app.

But then, the video actually seems to be an ad for stock footage that demonstrates how not to use said stock footage, so now I’m just sorta confused.


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