Mimi Pond illustrates what went down at the late Zsa Zsa Gabor's garage sale

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I has a sad now.


Isn’t it lovely how the fucking site layout makes the panels too tiny to read properly?

ETA: thought i’d try mobile safari on the ipad to see if the readability tool worked, and the site won’t even fucking load. Provably some ad or tracking shit is being blocked by 1blocker.

ETA2: on the desktop, everything is sane. On mobile, I either get a blank page (safari with adblocking/track blocking) or this madness with Perfect Browser:

The mobile web, ladies and gentlemen! The dickbars at top and bottom are a particularly nice touch.


Yet another "technical compliance solutions’ set of bullshit. See very recent comments on’Man goes ape over $4 cake coupon’ article from the Sun Sentinel. Looks like it’s all part of the same group - given the identical ‘you cannot see it’ page.

And as I said then: I could suggest some “technical compliance solutions” that take 2 nanoseconds to implement, if they are interested… it’s just utter bollocks for anyone to be hiding behind this sort of shit at this point.

I was not surprised that that leader in world news, the Sun Sentinel, did not give two hoots about non-US eyeballs on its site. I’d have thought the advertisers in the LA Times might have had slightly more interest in more widely dstributed eyeballs, seeing as some are no doubt global brands - but that’s only an assumption as I cannot see it. Time to reset my VPN location, perhaps - if I cared enough about sending clicks and eyeballs to the LA Times.

Idly, one wonders if people like Mimi Pond realise their work is in effect being prevented from being seen by some 500 million people in Europe, merely because the publisher cannot consider either just not tracking readers in Europe or doing what the rest seem to have done, which is simply asking us to agree that they can - which is hardly a ‘technical compliance solution’ that needs much identifying. Maybe they’ll identify it soon - much like many of their competitors already have.


I managed to bang “Command +” enough times to make the image shrink, shrink, shrink & then finally expand just enough to read between the egregious ads. I wonder if they published a full-color hard copy, & at what size?

Don’t forget Mimi Pond’s books! Two fabulous full-length graphic novels, “Over Easy” & “The Customer Is Always Wrong,” about her wasted youth working at a hipster diner in glamourous Oakland.

However, the books are also formatted a bit too small for my eyes. When will publishers get it?

The strip is great, but I don’t think Pond gives Zsa Zsa quite enough credit. She did manage to actually act decently in movies. She also came up with the great one-liner, “I’m a marvelous housekeeper; every time I leave a man I keep his house.”


I was born in ‘74, so I grew up with Zsa-Zsa being a famous-for-being-famous public figure, but I always assumed she began with an acting career before my time, like her sister, Eva. (Well, Eva may have parlayed famous-for-being-famous into an acting career, but there was some substance at some point at least.) Anyway I didn’t realize Zsa-Zsa was just a proto reality star. [see reply for correction]
By watching Green Acres re-runs as an adult over the last few years, I came to the realization that Eva was actually hilarious and seemed cool; a sport about her image as a pampered, out-of-touch continental beauty.
I have no opinion on Zsa-Zsa but my ill-informed impression of her public persona was that she saw herself as more legitimate despite not actually doing anything. However, the cop-slapping thing in the late 90s was legit hilarious and I’ll always remember it as being immortalized in an early, fire-drenched Fat Joe lyric on his KRS One collab “Bronx Tale.” The full lyric would probably get me flagged but the relevant bit was "Puffin’ Els in the corridor/I’m slappin’ cops like Gabors…"


Nowadays, she’d be an Instagram and Facebook fashion leader. People have always looked to aspirational models. Hercules was big merch back in Roman days and the French have been exporting fashion since the Renaissance. Why do you think people used to climb mountains or go out to the wilderness to see “wise men”? They were celebrities.

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The reason Gabor was in a financial mess was that she was ripped off by Bernie Madoff. At least we waited until after her death to get some good yuks out of this aspect of her misfortune.

She got good reviews in the movies she made with John Huston and Orson Welles and was in dozens of others that at least made money, so the comparison with a Kardashian doesn’t seem quite right.


She acted in movies directed by John Huston and Orsen Welles, among many others. A bit more than not actually doing anything.


Here’s this, in case anyone hadn’t seen it (or had forgotten about it)


I thought Zsa Zsa said when asked if she gave back her wedding rings when divorced, " I always give back the rings, but keep the diamonds!"
But today I found:
“I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.” and “How many husbands have I had? You mean apart from my own?”


“Even after she went on trial in 1989 for slapping a traffic cop… people cheered for her.”


That is an exceptionally excellent comic.

Also: I miss Zsa Zsa, and the era in which Americans could confine their adoration for cartoon-wealth and class to entertainment personalities, and not Presidents.

Not to mention, Zsa Zsa was a million times classier and more hilarious than DT will ever be.


I’m gonna have to steal that one.

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Not my invention:


I was juuuust about to post that link. :slight_smile:

But you can get to the register, right?

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