Mind-bending anamorphic sculpture


I always wanted to do something like this with my xmas lights…

Also reminds me of this old gem from MK12’s demo reel - http://mk12.com/MKXII/portfolio/untitled-01-infinity/

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Awesome! It reminds me of those billboards that look different from different angles which, no matter how much you hate billboards, you must admit are clever.

Wow… By coincidence, here is an entry from my diary this week:

Dream from yesterday, 03/02. I walked into a room, talking to somebody. At the angle I walked into the room, they appeared to be a normal 3D person. But as I kept walking around in front of them, this 3D appearance was revealed to be a forced-perspective illusion. They took on a menacing aspect of a frightening, living tiki-head with blue skin and enormous eyes. It was like a 2D face depicted on flat terraces of the figure I saw before. I found it unnerving, and tried to look away. I saw that its’s eyes were following me around the room by multiplying upon the walls. I decided that it was time to leave the room, and as I started to go, tentacles protruded from some of the wall eyes to push me back. I was startled awake and unable to resume my sleep for some hours.

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