Mind-blowing facts about gourds

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Note to self: do NOT fuck with Mayans!


This post could use some editing… “gourds” is misspelled as “goards” a couple of times, and the photo is of winter squash, not gourds.


And they can make fun music, too!


Google search did not disappoint.


Indeed! That is an ingenious article of clothing! So practical, and the styles are virtually limitless.


Winter squash aren’t gourds? Since when?

I’m throwing gourds filled with hornets at my enemies right now!


says that goards "join the dog as a second ‘utilitarian species’ brought under domestication by humans

That’s why the doggo keeps digging up the goards in the garden. Damn it.


At your insistence, I performed the Google search. I do believe that some of the men pictured may have exaggerated the dimensions of their gourds (goards, gords, dicks.)


Oh my gourd, they’re right!


Bring forth the codpiece!


There definitely seems to be quite a bit of self-aware humor involved. It would have been a tragedy to see such a beautiful(?) form of human expression eliminated.


They’re all family. Cucurbitaceae - Wikipedia Though I wouldn’t call a cucumber or a watermelon a gourd.

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Winter squash are in the genus Cucurbita, with C. maxima, C. moschata, and C. pepo being the most common. Most gourds are in the genus Lagenaria, though some are in Cucurbita: C. digitata, C. ficifolia, and C. foetidissima. The only species overlap that I know of is the Tennesee Dancing Gourd, which is a pepo. Gourds are generally not edible. I work for a seed company and am a vegetable farmer, and I’ve never heard “gourd” as an umbrella term that includes winter squash (and this post is definitely about hardshell gourds, not edible squashes). But I am willing to believe the word is used that way somewhere other than where I live. :man_shrugging:

To translate all the Latin stuff into more familiar terms, cherries and peaches are in the same genus, but you wouldn’t say a cherry is a kind of peach.


Now maybe it’s time for Berry Club!


Sorry, replied to myself instead of you. I’m new here!


Gourds are godly :smiley:

I’d first seen those sheathes in childhood - sort-of anthropological documentary shows used to be pretty popular in the 70s. There was a “Let’s get to know our fellow humans’ varied cultures and ways of life, shall we?” sense back then. I loved learning that stuff, and it’s always fascinated me that we’re so similar despite distance and local cultures.

Much different from cameras following around the kardassians (not a tyop), anna nicole smith-golddigger, honey goddam boo boo, or other sleb trash for the damfool sleb worshippers to watch. It’s still a form of anthopology…albeit an ignorant, corrupt, heavily debauched (AKA sleazy AF) one.

Anthropology and sociology classes were still being offered to 11th & 12th graders at my public high school. I got all As and B+s. An honor roll student saw me smiling at yet another A and asked, not at all condescendingly, how I (purple hair’d impecunious punk w/otherwise abysmal grades) was doing so well in anthro and soc while she was damn near failing. The whole class and the teacher (my non-conformity gave him hope) turned to look at us. I explained I’ve always been into learning about other cultures and history, and enjoyed the classwork. I made a study of my fellow humans a large part of daily life since childhood, and had already (at 17) found I could readily understand the sources (reasons, and even the results) of much of their behavior and the societal structures they desired. Being forced to be my friends’ troubleshooter/agony aunt/psychologist* shortly after puberty started deepened my understanding of others, the societal structures we create, and how those structures operate. It blew their minds. Thinking and caring about other people in a very broad sense never occurred to them; I was raised on that. They’d also assumed I’m stupid.

*No one could talk to their parents, but they could certainly talk to me and my mom. Much to my surprise, I made an excellent amateur therapist, and skillfully helped friends through countless crises. Pity I went unpaid ;–)


Obviously, if it fits on a penis, it’s a gourd. I saw it on the internet.