Mind-boggling graph of Trump's business ties


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Just having a lot of business connections is not crony capitalism.


Doh. I thought this post was going to be about his line of neckwear.


I hate that Trump has turned me into someone who posts conspiracy theories on Facebook, but the part about the 19% sale of the Russian state oil company has really been bugging me. Please read and tell me I’m crazy. For reals, this is nuts and can’t possibly be true, right?


Anyone tried taking that dataset and cross-referencing it to the Panama Papers information? Certainly trump has to be in there somewhere, as well.


Nah, no conflicts here. Move along citizen.


The facts are pretty solid. We’ll see about the interpretation.


Here it is broken down to his neckwear:


Or the Goldman Sachs empire.


HFS that’s a great tool. Thanks for the link!


With so many business connections that means that the benefits will help all of the world’s citizens since we’re all connected to Trump somehow.

In other words, it’s trickle-down crony capitalism.


yeah, its not like he’s appointing them to important roles in government.

what? He is?


I just wish they covered more companies. Unfortunately it was primarily the result of a single effort after the mortgage crisis and the team which did it has moved on to other things. Still pretty impressive though!


He’s 6’2" and 270 pounds, and his neckties hang long. That is mindboggling.


Well no wonder he refuses to sever his business associations – he doesn’t know how. Poor guy.


He has them specially made, to make up for other, um, deficiencies.


The long ties disguise the round belly.

I’m not obese. See - my regular length tie is still too long. How could it be, were I large of girth? 'Twould appear shortened, and hang merely to the middle, betwixt mine belt and solar plexus.

No, dear sir, I am not of that ilk. Mine tie doth beneath mine belt extend. 'Tis not a contemplated possibility for our cherished rounder brethren.

Nor is mine hair of the thinning. Nor mine hands minimalised.

Thou - thou art vain and desiring of constructing an apparition of mine person that doth mock and deride. Thou art cross-eyed and cross-brained, and uglier still.

Mine beauty is apparent to all who see. For I am like golden sunlight in a clearing in a copse, by a brook, glittering and babbling, freshening and cleansing.

Nay, knave, mine tie is not too long. Be gone.

Before I set mine enforcers upon thee.

Thou art fired.


Omg, that’s hilarious! :joy:


It suddenly struck me that only Shakespeare came up with characters like Tzchrump. It fits!

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