New secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross has ties to illicit Russian finance


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We need a facepalm GIF in here, stat!



I had forgotten about all that Russian money flowing into Cypriot banks.
I guess Trump hasn’t.


Ties to Russia? Of course he does - have you not been paying attention? Ties to Russia is practically a requirement for senior US officials these days.



Given that the new Secretary of EDUCATION proclaimed the success of Historically Black Colleges and Universities as a group established to ‘give students another choice’ (holy fucking facepalm that’s stupid), I’m shocked/completely unshocked that trump’s main business guy is as dirty as he is. Up next, our new ‘Minister of Culture’ will most certainly be chosen from one of the Westboro Baptist clan.


“But the higher I go, the more crooked it becomes.” Al Pacino’s character in The Godfather, part 3.


Perhaps he’s got some dough in there as well.


all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies

Ah… intelligence by committee…


Maybe we just need to make a list of his cabinet members who don’t have known ties to Russia.


I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you just sh… actually I’m not in the least bit shocked. I wager Pootypoot gave Donny-boy a wink and a nod (wink wink nudge nudge say no more!)


The uncontested arrival is going according to plan.


Trump is a Russian spy.


Vodka, shaken, not stirred…in a sippy cup.


My nightmare scenario: some of that money goes to finance another nine11 in late October 2018 – so Herr Drumpf can impose martial law, suspend elections, impose curfews, and suspend free speech and association.

That’s my nightmare scenario anyway. What’s yours? :scream:


I am already livin’ the dream, baby.


You think it will take that long?
Fuck me for being that cynical about it.


I cannot be fooled so easily… that man is a nutcracker!


That would probably be easier … and certainly a much shorter list.