Minecraft documentary


I purchased this on DVD a while back and it’s excellent stuff. They originally released it to Pirate Bay with a tag on the bottom asking folks to buy it if they liked it.

So I did. Seemed fair to me.


I’m just ripping it off of YouTube, I hope they don’t mind too much.

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Nooooo, curse you Information Theory!

They’re running Alpha? Why the hell are they running Alpha?

Because the documentary started filming when only Alpha was out and follows the story of Notch, the game and Mojang up until the first Minecon and the official release of the game. So they use lots of footage from earlier versions.

Edit: Also the opening bit is actually a fairly well known Youtube video released during the early days of Minecraft. In fact it’s probably the video that got me interested in the game. They use a lot of Youtube videos in the documentary.

While it doesn’t carry the same gravitas than Indie Game The Movie, it was fun to watch. Notch is a very inspiring character.

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