Minecraft rejects NFTs

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“Scarcity and exclusion” are features and not bugs for the Libertarian cryptobros trying to foist “Web3” on all of us.

And this doesn’t even get to the proliferation of scams and other financial wheezes that crypto is up to its well-crashed neck in.

Even this notorious tech hypester sees what a pyramid scheme cryptocurrency and NFTs are.



Awaiting the army of sixers to try and take over

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They keep trying to force their way into anti-capitalist post scarcity discussion groups, then get angry because we don’t buy into their propaganda.

I think some of us laughed at them when they called us Luddites, thinking it was an insult. If it’s a socialist discussion group, then there is a good chance they know what the original Luddites were fighting for.

Disrupting capitalism, one sabot at a time.


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