Mini dachsund puppy, a photo shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool




Item: Dog Larva.


  1. Fuzzy.
  2. Adorable.
  3. Not at liberty to confirm or deny information concerning alleged BERGAMOT/SUBSURFACE program.


As I said previously, English creme mini Dachshunds = the cutest ever.


Cute. Yes
Adorable. Yes
Prone to a host of physical disorders. Yes

Methinks it is about time people actually thought more about the animal’s well-being rather than simply going “ooh!” and “ahhh!” at the puppy eyes.


Eventually they’ll breed them to have no legs at all so they’re just as cuddly as Glo Worm toys. How can they miss legs if they are born without them? It’s for the children!


Ah, and here I was with my plan to just fraudulently re-label seals as a particularly pudgy short legged breed…

Pure bred, Arctic Kennel Club certified, Pinnipeds!


And they bark!


Feature-for-feature compatibility, what’s not to like? Now just make up some nonsense back story about the Inuit fisher-dog, a rare and prized breed, and move some product!

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