Mini dachsund puppies are very excited about bath time


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It’s well known that daschsunds collect in daschsumps, when they aren’t cleaned regularly.


Mini dachsund puppy chaser!

Dang, when my last dog heard the word “bath,” he’d be under the sofa showing his teeth.

And jumping is why my mini dachshund now has a light hernia…

OK, now we jump out and run all over the house!

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I feel the same way about bath time.

Very cute, and I believe they´re called dachshund, with a second “h”.

You are right. Hund == Hound.

Dachs = Badger, btw.

Their main purpose used to be hunting badgers and foxes, or rather infiltrating their dens.

Danke, meine Muttersprache ist auch Deutsch :wink:

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