How to pick up a dachsund




It’s not okay to just use a pitchfork then?


“hey, baby, come here often?”

i’ll get my coat…


Beagles are easy.


You DO know the difference between a truck full of dachshunds and a truck full of bowling balls!


How do they get their dachshunds to stay still like that? I pick mine up by whatever part of him I can grab hold of while he’s running around eating my shoes…


My kids have a dachshund, can confirm.

Optionally, if you are so inclined, you can hold the dachshund like a Tommy Gun and make pew-pew noises. The dogs don’t typically mind, as long as you hold them right.


“Lyndon Johnson picked me up by my ears and pronounced me a Great Dane.”
-Victor Borge


High-maintenance hound…

Still a great companion, though.


I’ve been thinking all this time that’s what the tails were for.


Well, that’s why you have to watch the video. If you simply reached underneath with one hand and grabbed his nuggies, he would stop running around…


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