Dachsund insists on bringing inflatable shark into its crate


Hey, if you’re a weiner dog with a shark fetish, you wanna spend your “me time” in privacy, right?


You’re gonna need a bigger crate.



OK, put that stupid camera down and close the door before this thing escapes!

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Dachsunds come in two varieties - the laid back, unfazed, devil-may-care variety; and the super hyper genki explosion variety. This is a perfect example of the latter.

Great quote, but I’m forced to point out it is from Publilius Syrus, not Publius Syrus. Easy mistake to make.

Did the Doxie swallow the inflatable shark whole like the snake who spent hours swallowing a live alligator?

It´s also “Dachshund”, not “Dachsund”, meaning “badger dog” in German.

Either of the two Dachshunds I know would have quite handily burst that inflatable shark open and torn it to shreds in seconds. They are the toy devourers, as my children have unfortunately found out whenever they come to visit.

Can someone please reverse the video!

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