Dachshund + Pitbull: greatest dog breed ever




That cannot be real. If it is … there is no way in hell I’d let it near a small child.


yep, he’s real. the rescue has video of him running around. seems to be a happy boy. thankfully, neutered.


Were there any odd pods laying around?


There has to be a clever portmanteau name for this. Pit bull + weiner dog = Peener dog? Bull Weiner? Help me out here, guys.


This is almost as much of an unholy amalgamation as the Pitbull + Ke$ha tour.


It’s like a walking bad photoshop.


Peiner Dog


I once met a dachshund/rottweiler cross. It looked like a coffee table with a head.


It’s Frankendog. You can see the stitches.


I’m still waiting for my Great Dane/Chihuahua mix, which I plan to then breed with a Corgi/Greyhound mix.


In high school/college I worked at a truck stop… I recall a couple that were cruising on those giant scooters that sort of look like a Honda Gold Wing. They had chihuahua/german shepard mix dogs in cages on the back of the scooters. That sounds like it might be a cute mix, but they were not – they kinda looked like a giant Chernobyl rat. Everything was a bit odd: the bikes, the dogs, and the couple kinda looked a bit inbred as well. Definitely some happy mutants.


Scrappy-Doo looking jackass.


So when it runs and stops suddenly, does it flop forward onto its face?


It doesn’t say which breed is the father and which is the mother. But either way, you have to admire their determination.




I saw a dachshund + german shepherd mix once that was really bizarre. The body was dachshund in shape and size, the head was shepherd and would have been normal for a full sized german shepherd.


“Little creatures of nature, they don’t know that they’re ugly.”


Cute lookin’ pooch. I’ve got a similarly odd unit, also an adoption.

This is Hank Solo. Part Corgi, part Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


I totally disagree that this is the “greatest dog breed ever.” It takes two wonderful dogs and makes it into an abomination. I love both breeds (especially the dachshund), but separately. That poor dog. However, I would be willing to take him, if he were/is in a kill-shelter.