Minimalism "not really minimal"

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Secede to the humorous conflation!


I prefer putting my name on everything in giant, gold, capital letters.*


  • Trump 2016!

Huh the Puritans had tons of cool objects. They were not minimilists in any sense of the word.


Didn’t the Bauhaus start over a century ago? They’re not the latest thing any more. (But still pretty cool.)


Seems like all the cool victorian houses in my neighborhood are being repainted in the same monochromatic color-scheme: “charcoal.” We used to call that “gray.”

Minimalism can look nice, but only as one aesthetic among many. Sometimes color can be fun too.


The Freake painters documented this quite well.


I guess I pretty much agree with the article, but it kind of undermines itself by referring to Altucher right off the bat. He’s basically using minimalism as a troll, by leaving absurdly gaping holes in his paean to “minimalism” (e.g., that it counts as being free from your possessions if one of the few things you carry around with you is a debit card loaded with years’ worth of hedge fund profits) and then pouncing on people who take the bait.

Granted, that’s just the clickbait version of the actual underlying problem with Dwell-magazine-style yuppie minimalism, but to me it’s a more interesting story of an “ongoing cultural sickness” if you focus exclusively on people who actually suffer from it.


The Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth has some fun things too, like their table napkins and a sampler stitched by one of the famous daughters.

Why does it matter, why does Kyle care? Maybe he was not touched inappropriately by a minimalist as a child?


Funny in parts, but reads like a troll. The article seems to assume that all people who describe themselves as “minimalist” have the same motivations and adhere to the same principles. I have a hard time believing anyone genuinely would genuinely believe that. Yes, there are some douchey minimalists but there are some douchey enthusiastic consumers too.

I consider myself a minimalist for reasons that have nothing to do with self-denial or value judgments about consumerism. I just move a lot and like to live in the center of major cities where square footage ain’t cheap. Moving and storing stuff gets expensive, that’s all.


AbFab, “New Best Friend”:


No True Minimalist?


I’m pleasantly surprised to see no variations on the “Choosing to be Minimalist? Check your priviledge” theme here.

Typical artist - getting the science wrong as usual. Whiteness is the melange, the mixture of the many, the mess.


Yeah! Fuck Soylent! Buying land! That was for sale! How dare he!

I can’t read his mind, but I can read his website, and he’s a clickbaiting huckster to the core. I’m sure there are things he personally embodies, and maybe this strain of minimalism is one of them–I just wouldn’t want to use him as an example of whatever I was writing a think-piece on.

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Did you read that article? People aren’t angry that he bought land but what he did with it, how he ignored local bylaws, being a bad neighbour, threw a party which he didn’t clean up after and his general negative flippant attitude. I’m sure there is another side to the story but him buying the land really wasn’t the biggest issue here.


That old? One might even say…immortal, then.


It seemed to me like they were angry that anyone dared to buy the land and do anything with it. Sure, I see the bad neighbor part, but the article read like a NIMBY apologia.