How to become a minimalist in 30 days


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Could you make zero trash for 30 days?

Hardly. Why does it have so many days?


30 days seems like an extravagant amount of time.



The Onion is selling a planner that takes into account Trump’s coming nuclear apocalypse


Both of which she threw away when she was done.


This… this is not satire, is it?


I just don’t know why people do it. I have so many hobbies that I collect any number of items in order to do. I would still keep all of my tools even if I wasn’t a contractor and I prefer my kids have lots of toys to play with rather than just an iPad. And all that’s nothing compared to all the tools, toys and weird items in my kitchen that I use on a daily basis to keep everyone fed.


Must I also dress like a Puritan?


When you’re a minimalist, you only need one hobby: Minimalism.


No judgement, but did she shave her eyebrows off as part of this strategy?


If you keep the eyebrows, then you need to keep the eyebrow tweezers.

If you remove the eyebrows, you can use the same razor.


Minimalists have no need for eyebrows.



I hate everything about this.


Is nudism a form of minimalism? I would say yes. Not that I’m a nudist. Or minimalist. Not that there’s anything wrong with either.


There are like 20 hardback books strewn on my floor, two nice Yamaha monitors, a music keyboard, and three guitars. It’s a total fucking mess and I love it, I wish I were sitting there now.




But apparently they have a need for way too much eye makeup. She wants to be a minimalist, she might want to pare that down, too.


I never expected Marilyn Manson’s Bowie-inspired Berlin sabbatical to turn into this.