How to become a minimalist in 30 days


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try calling it a time leak


Oh, you!


Everything? That seems excessive.


I looked at becoming a minimalist, then I saw how much stuff I’d need to get to be able do it.


Pffft! Watch this video to find out how to become insufferable in 30 seconds or less!


I have a dozen “how to become a minimalist” books strewn on my floor…


I’m not really looking to be a minimalist but I would like to move out of the country in the next year or 2 (Decided this before Trump was even a threat). Looking at how much of my stuff is unused and trying to decide what I could reasonable move internationally has been interesting. I’m not sure if it’s my different frame of mind but over the holidays visiting family and old family friends, it felt everyone was burdened with stuff. It’s like everyone spent 60-70 years collecting everything they need and now that they have it, realize it is just stuff and are overwhelmed with it all. Not that I’m saying everyone should over do the minimalism thing to some ridiculous degree but it doesn’t seem like the default setting to over do consumerism isn’t much better. :confused:




Yes, and you have to throw away all the dresses and blouses that have collars that fit - no room for anything but one-size fits all clothing.



We just did this-- we moved from San Diego to Bruges, Belgium, with us and four kids. Deciding what to move was much more difficult than we expected, and we didn’t even have to get rid of everything we didn’t bring with us. (We do plan to come back eventually, unless things really turn to shit there. My grown children are living at the ranch in the meantime.) We moved everything we thought we’d need for at least a year in one small PODS (7 ft x 7 ft x 8 ft, roughly 385 ft2) plus our suitcases.

We did use the move as an opportunity to pare down a lot of stuff that we were storing for no good reason. RatWoman and I are both hyper-organized but it’s still amazing how much crap we accumulated without even thinking about it. Books, kid stuff, unused furniture, duplicate tools-- it all adds up, so fast, and without even realizing it.


It’s good to hear a success story. About a month ago I sold all of my fiction books including books I have had since grade school. It was painful at the time to let go but now I don’t miss those things that had sat in a box for 30 plus years unused. Now someone can discover them at the used book shop and actually enjoy them.

Still much to part with. I’m hoping to get my stuff down to a suitcase and some sort of trunk.


Wouldn’t a true minimalist go buck naked weather-permitting?


I could never be a minimalist. I’ve got stuff that I don’t even know I have.


Ab Fab Minimalism


If you have no table to strewn the books on, you’re a minimalist.


Who needs eyes?

They are such a burden.


I’ve got stuff that HAS stuff.


No table, I use stacks of books for my table needs.