Minimalist tattoos drawn with one continuous line


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Did anybody else try and follow the lines to make sure that each animal was a single continuous line?


For the un-tattooed: What this artist is doing is incredibly difficult. Smooth, perfect lines are not easy when drawing on paper that doesn’t react to rapid stabbing…


This is the first time I have ever seen tattoos that I would actually consider having on my body.


I did - to verify the single line but also to try to figure out how he did it.
Next, someone will turn this into performance art by ice-skating the designs. I hope.


Picasso used to do this:



But tattoo lines are comprised of dots! The only way to achieve a tattoo which isn’t discontinuous is to use a razor and fill with ink, which I suppose would not work so well.


Bingo! I was thinking this reminded me of something 100 years old, but I was thinking of Matisse. Dali did something similar, but on Dexedrine:


Here’s one for Jason.

I’m more of a sume-i fan myself but this is a brilliant application of minimalism to the strictures of tattoo art.


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