Programmer/artist creates algorithmic portraits composed of a single line


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I love this sort of work, regardless of whether computers are involved or not. Shizen ichimi, gazen ichimi.


Now I want to see portraits composed with one line of code, which is what I imagined on reading the headline. Though this is probably cooler.


The Nazca Spider, Monkey and Hummingbird are also each one continuous line.


There’s a resurgence of plotter art recently, and much of it is of the single, unbroken line variety. I’ve been playing with Sandy Noble’s Polargraph software ( ) a long time (since 2012), and it’s output is largely single line.

For example, here’s a few BIC pen drawings from 2012:
Tor Johnson:

Don Knotts:

There’s more in my Flickr stream, and a cool twitter hashtag is #plottertwitter, which has an emphasis on algorithmic art.


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