Minnesota is looking for a new state flag design and crowd-sourcing did not disappoint, resulting in some "absurd" and "ridiculous" designs

There are some good designs submitted, and too many good points made in this thread to address specifically.
I hope they end up picking a well-designed flag that has popular support from the citizenry; too often this sort of thing can come to nothing or even backfire.
A flag is an important symbol, and while I understand the historical connection to any current flag; I personally believe that principles of good vexillology; and symbology relating to the present time, place, and people; should replace poorly designed and outdated flags.

I’m reminded of the current flag of Fiji, which has a UK flag and the coat of arms of Fiji, which was given by the British Empire. When Fiji became independent, the shade of blue of the flag’s background was changed and the the coat of arms was simplified (the UK flag was retained).
In 2005, two flags were proposed: one restoring the full coat of arms, the other with only a white shell on a blue background (the same shade as the background of the current flag and the other proposed flag). Neither was adopted.
In 2015, a national competition had over 2,000 designs submitted; narrowed down to 23, then 5, then the plan to change the flag was abandoned.

All this to say, as an example, that there are those who will retain a bad and outdated flag design after so many better alternatives go through official channels.