Union Jack flag probably won't change much if Scotland becomes independent-but they won't be the last to leave


I don’t know about the flag, but every time the British Empire pulls out of a place the local clans go back to war with each other. Stock up on Haggis because it won’t be available for a few decades.


This presumes that any other than a True Scotsman would want the stuff :wink:


Your final entry makes me think of England and Wales scissoring.

Can’t unsee.


Erm… I have to say, I’m glad you won’t be the flag designer…

Art critique aside, where does this Welsh yellow X come from? The Welsh flag is a red dragon on white and green.

If you’re talking about the Cross of St. David, first of all that’s not their flag, but second it’s a cross, not an X. You can’t just use those interchangeably. (For that matter, the cross of St. George, the English flag, is also a cross, not an X.)

Edit: Apparently an ‘X’ is called a Saltire in heraldry.


No dragon(s)?

Although a red and a white dragon fighting each other might not be the best symbol…


An American website quoted Cameron saying “Scotland is like a rustic peasant girl with bad teeth and a scent that reminds one of putrid fish, who nonetheless got to marry a dashing chap, vastly more sophisticated and charming.” True? ”http://dandygoat.com/a-divided-uk-would-be-a-beautiful-simile-torn-asunder-by-a-stupid-analogy-says-cameron

Eeee, fuck, I never even thought about the flag issue. The Daily Mail crowd must be going into absolute meltdown. Brilliant. That black & red one’s a bit BNP though, innit?


I love haggis, me. I live north of the Wall though.

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Cameron couldn’t come up with anything that funny if he tried.


Haggises are delicious. Although they’re better after you cut off the two shorter legs, which are usually a bit tough from all the mountain running.


That last one is fucking terrible. It would have been rejected as a design for curtains in the 1970’s. It’s worse than the tartan they chose for the 2014 commonwealth games. It is actually uglier than the current flag, which looks like a broken window and represents the worst as well as the best of the British Empire. So, well done.

I reckon the blue in the union flag can stay, since it isn’t even the right one: the Scottish flag uses sky blue, not dark blue.


Oh. That’s probably my favorite of all national flags.

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I was going to say just this. Saltires and crosses are two different things, it’s like confusing the French and Dutch tricolours just because they use the same colours, though they run in different directions.

Meanwhile, that’s a totally groty shade of green in the first Disunion Flag. I can only hope it’s the result of an RGB–CYMK–RGB conversion with some really poor colour profiles.

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The red and yellow woven x marks reminds me of this Aztec symbol used in calendars

Yeah, ask Uther Pendragon about that one.

The one proposal in the linked article makes it look like Belgium rather than Wales has been added to the flag, with all the yellow and black stripes

I was thinking it reminded me of the V For Vendetta colour scheme. And any flag where you can put a dragon on it, you should. Moar dragons!


Aye. It’s a fool’s argument. They will all look the same after burning 'em.

Cameron gave his mother the clap. Aside from this? Not all he’s done or said has been as good as that.

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