Nebraska flag, flying upside down at State Capitol without notice, may get redesign


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srsly - had a look at some of the redesign ideas from the previous kerfuffle and they were predictably horrid

what they oughta do is just make the seal a bit smaller, move it up to the left - then they have changed almost nothing and can tell if it’s upside down

you’re welcome, Nebraska - you do have a lovely capitol building


I wonder if someone did this intentionally as an act of protest that it just took someone a really long time to notice.


If the issue is just that it gets accidentally flown upside down then the solution is t put another symbol in the top left (like how SC has the crescent moon in the top left), or to make the background a red/white/blue stripe. Then you can keep the “heritage” of the old state seal.

Or else just not care that it’s upside down once in a while, which is even easier to do.

(It just occurred to me you can’t fly the Confederate battle flag upside down-- or at least, who would know?)


The NJ flag sucks too. I want a state flag that can be put on a mousepad and no detail is lost.


How about the former flag of Libya?


Most of the state flags suck. I do like New Mexico, Arizona and Maryland, though.

It does amuse me how often the UK flag gets hung upside-down. Smart move to make it not-quite symmetrical.


That is a great idea. If they need inspiration “The People’s Flag of Milwaukee” is a great win, and a fun civic participation opportunity: Now we need to make it official


Maryland was the worst in that list I posted above! (But I do like it)


They put Maryland in last place but I like that it looks like something you would find at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.


Still the best flag ever, Libya.

I pity all those poor Nebraska school students faced by the arduous task of having to replicate that that thing.


The official state sport of Maryland is jousting. I’m not even joking.


A somewhat related anecdote:

When I was stationed at Ft Campbell there was a Ruby Tuesday in surrounding Clarksville, TN. I noticed one night that the Tennessee state flag was upside down. This isn’t immediately obvious because the orientation of their flag is based on the positioning of three stars that aren’t symmetrically arranged. When I asked about this, the server told me that it’s a “tradition” (i.e. engineered corporate culture-mimicking) that three items in each franchise are upside down.

Apparently, I was one of the only people to ever notice.


May I humbly suggest a shout-out to Nebraska’s Chimney Rock?


I like Ohio’s flag. It is fairly easy to draw, and has horizontal symmetry so it’s the same way right side up as upside down. On the other hand, it’s the weirdest-shaped state flag there ever was.


See? I was on to something.


I feel jealous of Nepalese-Americans who live in Ohio. Those guys can go Crazy


Most state flags are like that.

If you want a challenge, try to identify US states from thumbnail images of their flags. It’s guesswork even if you know the flags. So many symbols squeezed into such a small space.


Man, a lot of state flags are downright hideous.