Nebraska flag, flying upside down at State Capitol without notice, may get redesign



No one could mistakenly hang my state’s (Washington’s) flag upside down. Because it’s just George Washington’s head. But Washington’s flag sucks. Because it’s just George Washington’s head.

And my home state’s (Maryland’s) flag is fantastic.


I like Maryland’s state flag. I think it’s the best!


I like Alabama’s flag:



I agree. I saw an article long ago about what makes up a good flag. The worst ones were the state seal on a blue background, like Nebraska or my home state Virginia. It’s almost as if, having designed the seal, they quit because designing is hard.

I think the same article rated Maryland the best.


Oftentimes, it’s not even a seal. It’s a buffalo or a bear or something like that.


Isn’t that the Northern Ireland flag?


Yep. State seals (as with my former home state, NY) make flags look way too ‘busy’ (for starters), and don’t really stir anything in the (at least this) viewer. I also like GB’s Union Jack; now that’s a flag! I also liked the EARLY Canadian flags (1868-1965).


I’ll admit liking the fact that the Oregon flag has a different front and back.


Maybe because they’re designed by committees? (Perhaps one designer, then way too many others get involved along the way?)



I only know that because I watch golf.


Also, they’re used for entirely different purposes. We used to need to identify them at distances to see who we were fighting (or if we shouldn’t freak out about those troops over there). These days you only see state flags officially used at state offices. I don’t need to see if those are troops from North Dakota or if that ship of the line is flying Florida colors. They’re not even symbolic at this point, just decor.

TLDR: Put whatever you want on them, nobody actually uses them for anything.


Not yet, you don’t.


Nope. If shit breaks down that far then I’m out. Literally leaving the country. My kids are not living in Civil War II.


I see your point, but don’t we still tend to appreciate good art (even if it’s a flag), however its deficits as far as current practical use?

PS: Both California and Texas have bold, easily identifiable flags; very handy if they ever start battling each other (given their respective politics).



Sorry, my state’s flag wins. It has a muthaflippin’ GRIZZLY BEAR.


I’ve never seen it flown right side up.


Why we arm all of our students in California.


I guess I see state flags the same way I see state flower or state insect or any one of a hundred idiotic local tribal customs. “This is what we like and it makes all of us here special!”

But then, I live in New Jersey and work in New York after living in South Carolina right next to Georgia. I don’t see state borders as actually being important for the most part, people on both sides are pretty much the same.


True, those guys are always in distress.