Misbehavior in Second Life game punished by exile to "the corn field"


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Four years of BBS

Update: misbehaviour in Second Life game punished by exile to “Second Life”.


@Falcor! Let’s do the time bork again!!!


Here I was wondering how Second Life was still a thing.

It’s not still a thing, is it?


Second Life: if you spend more than a minute in it you’re doing it wrong.


just logging into it is volunteering for the corn field.

also if you haven’t read the original short story you should. way way darker and trippier than the tv episode.


I was unaware there was a TV episode. Was there a woman with buttons for eyes, animals eating themselves, and sadistic “TV time”? Because there sure as hell was in the story.

But I read the original story by Jerome Bixby a long time ago. It was one of the more disturbing things I had read at that age. I would definitely recommend it, to any of you out there who have not read it.


I was on Second Life in 2006. I loved it back then, but I haven’t been back since.


They could hardly send people to the pool.

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