Missouri State Highway Patrol shows you how to make meth

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What in gods name is the point or value of showing how to make meth? I’m real happy with the idea of encouraging Maker Minded people to make all kind of things until it gets to the point of a quick and simple formula on how to destroy the quality of life not just for the maker but also their families’ and communities. You got any quick and dirty nerve gas recipe’s to compliment this?
If the point is to show the stupid ideas that police come up with I’m very sure that just stating that cops have produced a handy how-to guide would have been enough. What’s next? Maybe a boing boing store kit so you don’t even have to shop around.


So if you follow this recipe, you blow yourself up. Right?

Is there a chemist in the house?


I find it kind of weird that you put this onto Boing Boing snarking at them rather than on the Missouri cops.

I really wonder what the cops think they are doing.


This is so that hipsters can move in and ruin it for the meth heads. Soon we’ll see overpriced local, handmade, artisanal meth.


So, the Nazis had lithium batteries?


No it is not a trick (or if it is it is pretty subtle), it all looks pretty normal.

This is not secret information in any way. The internet exists. (Seriously just search “nazi method” and you’ll see tons of how tos many more detailed and more helpful than this)

Anyways, this method is tricky requires tons of stuff, and is very hazardous. Think of it as a more extreme “How It’s Made” just because you see how a factory makes pie tins or what have you doesn’t mean you can run out and make pie tins. You can however use your new found skills to recognize what pie tin making might look like.

Most street level manufacture is done via other simpler methods.


My point being I have higher expectations of Boing Boing than I do Cops.


Based on my knowledge of organic chemistry, no. It’s a really involved method though, and only good for small quantities. The yield didn’t look that great, but that’s just my eyeballs talking. I don’t think it’s that stupid in a way. Any idjit with an internet connection can look it up. At least the people in hazmat suits are indicating to the viewer that this stuff is dangerous to work with. Some things, like heating the methanol on a fucking hotplate, is probably going to kill someone who isn’t being careful. I’ve personally accidentally destroyed a baking dish like that when I set it on the stove without realizing it was hot- and it wasn’t full of flammable methanol.


Fair enough.

I think sooner or later though, having high expectations of Boing Boing is bound to be disappointing.


Do they ever state why it is important that they show this? Do they ever state why they are practicing this? Do they state why it is legal for them to do this?

If you watch the video all the way through to the end the closing title card says it was produced for the Law Enforcement Academy of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. I’m going to assume they’re showing cops how to make meth primarily so that they’ll recognize the precursors, reagents, and homemade equipment that’s used to make it.

That way, if they pull someone over who’s got a couple of cases of HEET de-icer in the back seat, a family pack of coffee filters, and a coke bottle rigged up with a rubber hose they’ll have probable cause to search the car or detain them.


“Nazi synthesis method.”

Um, oh forget it.


Well I can tell you’re not a Trump supporter.


Your keen senses and rapier like wits have done me in again.


I’m sure the MO police licensed him for the production of a federally controlled substance right? This isn’t a video of a crime being committed is it?


The title should be “HillBilly Heroin: Missouri style”


Erm…you mean besides the obvious?


So you’re disappointed in Boing Boing, right?


I’m rarely one to defend law enforcement strategies, but I imagine it could be useful to someone who is concerned that say, their cousin might be running a meth lab, but wouldn’t recognize the signs that their cousin was doing this. Also knowing what materials are involved allows people to research safe methods of disposal, should they manage to talk their cousin out of running that meth lab.

Pure conjecture as I have no experience at all in this (checking my privilege), but I don’t think it’s a completely irrational approach.