Mistah Beschizza, what he says counts

Quoted on TheVerge, which has an important readership (me).

[Edit, should really add @beschizza!]

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He may be a ThinkFluencer ™, but he’s OUR ThinkFluencer.

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It was this tweet


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And I just blogged that post 15 minutes ago, too.

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I think you’re on the money. I’m hoping it’s early days for the revolution; as manufacturing improves and it becomes easier to produce high quality stuff, Nest will fade into history as one of the first of a new generation.

I tried to buy one for the UK; all sorts of complications and no-can-dos. Much as I like the concept and looks, they annoyed me. Sure, not designed for the UK market, but come on! They’re doing the CO + smoke detector here though.

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