Mistake an apartment for a spaceship? Try to steal it? San Francisco understands


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It’s too bad they took down the rocket ship that used to be parked on the Embarcadero. (Or maybe it just took off?)

Early bird gets the spaceship?

You laugh, but what if he’d managed to hotwire the warp drive? Then who would be laughing?


This happens to me all the time. Thank goodness for white privilege.


You and Santino Aviles are the poster boys.

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That rocket ship was San Francisco’s Hugo Award.


He’d have better luck looking for a shuttlecraft to hotwire if he went down to Van Nuys, where the grounds of Starfleet Academy were filmed.

Good thing he didn’t get near the nuclear wessels.


I’m hoping this is a promotion for a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy redux.

I completely agree! We did absolutely nothing to deserve having that beautiful spaceship taken away from our waterfront!

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We do not have all the crazies here in San Francisco. But, you must admit we have many original ones. I <3 SF

I’ll have what he’s having.

Emperor Norton was doing “San-Francisco-Crazy” before it was cool.


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